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Kim Nevitt

    Hello All from Campbell, California!

    My name is Kim, and I am building the plane while flying it!  After working at NASA on fabulous programs like International Space Station and Gravity Probe-B and loving it, I opted to leave science and come home at to begin the next, way more challenging stage:  later years Motherhood.  (Insert Jaws soundtrack)  Now my two lovely “baby sharks” are almost 16 and 18, and I’ve found myself at 56 years old asking the question, “What next?”.

    Out of the blue one day last Autumn, I decided to call a friend of mine who is a professional organizer to see if she needed any help with anything and she tells me my timing couldn’t be more perfect:  she had a client with dozens of LARGE BOXES of memorabilia spanning 5 or more generations that she’d love me to scan in and organize for her.  I struggled and worked for 3 months having no idea professional photo organizers or this organization even existed.  However, I struggled and learned and fell in love with the story of that family that unfurled before me.  I loved it all.  I began looking into equipment and the idea of starting a small business.  With all of my searches for information, I have no idea how it’s taken me until now to discover The Photo Managers!  But when I found you all last week, I literally jumped up and ran around the house clapping and yelling like a maniac, bringing my kids out of their “distance learning” classrooms (i.e. bedrooms) to consider the real possibility that COVID had just been too much for me and that I’d finally lost my marbles.

    Needless to say, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am!  I’ve joined TPM, signed up for the Academy, the Conference and am spending any extra time I have perusing all avenues on this website.  I’m already signed up through my organizing friend for 2 more clients, so I am trying to slow it all down to implement all these golden Best Practices and to apply all that I’m learning.  Meanwhile, I’m also trying to get my business Out of the Box started as well.  It feels a bit like drinking from a fire hose.  But hey, I’m oh so thirsty!

    I’m so excited to be here and wish I could meet everyone who will be in Atlanta!  I’m afraid I will be there in Spirit and Zoom.  But what an incredible Community this is….Thank you so much!