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Angie Sutton-Vane

    Hello! I’m Angie and I live in North Wales in the UK. I’ve only just joined TPM but am really impressed with the level of professionalism and support. I’ve just attended my orientation and also got stuck into the certification modules. This is a WHOLE new and wonderful and serendipitous discovery for me which I stumbled across in my search for a professional community. I’ve been making virtual page turning photo albums but realised my potential customers probably wanted more and I should expand my skills. I was also finding it quite lonely! My background is paper conservation and curatorial work and I have a PhD in history. My love is oral history and I think this could be just a perfect combination – family oral histories using photographs!? I just need to learn how to find clients now and gain in confidence. Anyway, very very happy to be on board and to have found a home.  Angie