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Gaynel Carrier


    I am Gaynel but also go by Nelli. I joined today after listening to one of ShootProofs podcasts. Where do I even begin 🙂 I married my awesome boyfriend soon to be 21 years ago. We have a Freshman in college and a Junior in High School. I am a boy mom through and through. I fell in love with photography 3 years ago when I began shooting high school athletic events. Loved so much that I am starting my photography business this year focusing on Juniors and Seniors my (Grads) and Seniors my (Grands) too. I love these two seasons of life.

    I have also had a passion for genealogy and family pictures. I am our family’s resident genealogist and sentimental one of all heirlooms. I cannot say no to a piece of furniture or item that people label as “this was (fill in blank) item”. I also have done Title Abstracting as a job because of my interest in home genealogy as well as teaching at our local Historical Society class “If these 4 walls could talk.”

    I am so excited to marry photography and genealogy with helping families know their roots. This will be the perfect addition to my business. Very excited to start learning