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Kate Jacus

    Hi Angie,

    Congrats on getting through the modules! Here’s some thoughts about getting a first client.

    1. Agree with Gladys’ advice about the Donald Miller/Storybrand resource and the word of mouth marketing. Think about how you’d likely trust a referral for a personal service like photo organizing from someone you knew rather than just a website. Tell everyone you know this is what you are doing!
    2. Be generous with sharing information – offering a free download on your website (also builds your email list if you are starting one), doing a presentation about dealing with printed photos at your local library, historical society, etc. Not sure how locked down the UK is still? You could do this via zoom if group gatherings aren’t happening. We have a free community presentation (complete with a recorded demo and reference guide) that you can add your contact info to and use for your own presentations. The more people see you as an expert about all things photo – even if you don’t feel like one, you know more than most people! – they’ll remember you and the value you gave them.
    3. Do you know anyone – person or even a business – celebrating a milestone coming up? 50th anniversary, 80th birthday, a graduation, 20 years in business, etc. Offer to do a photo book or video slideshow to commemorate. Milestone events can be an easy “in” to a conversation about your work.
    4. Are you on the member Facebook group? It’s got a bit more traffic than these Forums and this is definitely a question all of us have faced. Might be worth posting it there as well.

    Good luck! Keep us posted!