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Jo Walter

    Hello, my name is Jo and I hope to open up a business as Forget-Me-Not Photo Stories.  I live in southwest Minnesota in a tiny town named Morgan, pop. 896.  The Forget-Me-Not name is a nod to the flower and is in memory of my eldest sister who is deceased.  I read a poem at her funeral with a line in it that referenced the Forget-Me-Not flower.  My sister’s death resulted in a pivotal life turn for me with many implications that are unfolding even now.  I divorced in 2014 and in 2018 I got A.A.S. in Library Information Technology.  When in school, I took an archives course and got the preservation bug and one of the books we read was about family archiving.  My wheels have been turning ever since!  After an internship in a university archive, I took a full time job in a records and archives department.   I did quite a bit of document scanning.  While there, I became interested in photo scanning and organization.  This combined along with my interest in family history and genealogy led me to researching photo management work and I came across the Photo Managers about a year ago.   I finally decided to take the leap.   I am part of the Great Resignation, as they are calling it, and I left the full time gig in July.   I plan to supplement my income with a part time job while I pursue my certification through the Photo Managers.   I’ll probably start small with print to digital conversion projects.  I look forward to interacting with you all.