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Cathi Nelson

    P. Einarsen
    12/27/2019 at 3:02:21 PM GMT
    I’ve found that what clients think they want and what they actually want are two different things. The default vision is an auto populating, auto organized, merged library of everyone’s devices. Then I have them scan through their phone libraries and appreciate all the junk photos, selfies, document and sign scans, bursts, and so-on. And the teenagers definitely don’t want all their photos on display. That conversation sets the stage for talking about assigning a family curator and photo hub to manage all the meaningful family/group pictures. Then we talk about the long term goals and just what kind of sharing is realistic and desirable. For the most part, that’s either a comprehensive, curated, whole collection gallery that sits online for group review and access over time – i.e. a place you’d go to get pictures for a legacy photo book – OR snapshot views of recent shared events, moments, or the random bits of life we experience every day. And, frankly, It’s the latter that has more immediate appeal and value to most people. That’s what Photos Shared Albums does really well. I like that I our 2 boys, now out of the house, post photos to their own shared albums and we get an alert every time they do. We can share to a travel group and members can add photos. Most of all, it’s built in and the convenience trumps pretty much everything else. As for the legacy collection, there are plenty of other services that you mention for that, or the client can just hire a professional organizer.