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Cathi Nelson

    P. Einarsen
    4/17/2017 at 7:30:18 PM GMT
    You are on the right track. So one way or another, you need to purge the client iCPL and devices so you can replace all of them with your new, improved, edited version. You can either do that in your client user account or on the MacBook Pro. It kind of comes down to where you want to spend your time.

    J. Kessler
    4/17/2017 at 10:27:01 PM GMT
    Thanks for answering all these questions. To purge from photos that are in a library and on a phone, would I just select all from the live library and delete from there? Then switch to the organized library and let iCloud Photo Library take over and sync it to her account?

    J. Kessler
    4/19/2017 at 9:14:25 PM GMT
    So we tried this on my library (since it’s just a test one). Purged photos from the library on my iMac and all the photos on other synced devices eventually disappeared (iMac, Macbook Pro, iPhone and iPad). We did need to also purge all the albums as a separate step. I agree with Paul that this is definitely not optimum because it just feels weird (and scary) to watch a library go from being populated to empty! Then opened the organized test library from my Macbook Pro, made sure iCloud knew it was the System Library and let everything populate to/from iCloud. It took about an hour to repopulate – also a good reason to work from the live account whenever possible. I did learn that I needed to keep the empty library on the iMac so iCloud would recognize it as a library on my account. Otherwise it considered any other library as an outsider and didn’t allow me to sync it with my account. Given this experience, I’ve decided to re-organize the clients live library (even though I’d already done this with her copy). Just feels like the safest option. This will sync with her iPhone as we work which she is fine with. Then when I meet with her next, I’ll purge the contents of her Macbook Pro library (a smaller library) and then sync it with iCloud. Hopefully her account will recognize it as being a device in her account. In order to continue maintaining her library, is there any reason why I need to make the library on her Macbook Pro the System Library?

    A. Henley
    3/30/2019 at 4:12:29 PM GMT
    Julie, wondering if you have any follow up regarding this process – I am going through the SAME thing with a client.
    Obviously I shall try to summon Paul on this as well 😉

    I Exported and organized her Photos library into folder structure and she’s contemplating moving back into Photos App so I’m wondering the process….her iPhone is synced with iCPL, her MacBook Air is NOT, and I think her iPad is still. I don’t need to preserve anything from her MacBook Air Photos library.

    What would be best workflow to introduce a new organized Photos Library? Not sure what you meant by ‘purge the iCPl’ so I’m wondering if it’s best to just ask for your general workflow?

    Thanks for letting me piggyback onto this thread 😉