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Cathi Nelson

    K. Mujica
    12/4/2018 at 1:05:45 AM GMT
    Thank you Adam – I’m dealing with my very first photo organizing client and I think I’m going to need to take a similar approach. I’m not that familiar with the apple ecosystem so I’m trying to figure out the best workflow. She has 18,000 photos in her iCloud photo library and I’ll be scanning 5000+ old photos. My plan is to integrate everything into one digital photo hub on an external device – so I’ll need to use those same tools (‘photos to disk’ and power sweeper). I’m going to use Adobe Bridge for renaming, tagging and basic metadata. My client wants to build her family archive on Forever so once everything is organized, most everything will be uploaded to Forever (metadata works on upload/downloads, however new updates made on the Forever platform aren’t retained – which is a bummer). My biggest obstacle is understanding how to approach maintenance – making sure that new photos are brought into the DPH correctly. I would love to ‘follow’ your project and see how you are going to handle the maintenance part.

    I’ve listened to Jenny & Paul’s breakout about using Mac Photos & iCloud Photo Library (Thank you Jenny & Paul….so very helpful!!!), but now I need a class that gives the steps for working with a client that doesn’t pass the 4-question assessment! Those currently in the apple ecosystem that want or need a different solution.

    A. Pratt
    12/4/2018 at 3:38:01 PM GMT
    My advice about maintenance is that it’s just an extension of your organizing workflow. You might be adding new digital photos your clients takes in 2019 or integrating new scans from the 1950s your client discovered in an old show box, but it’s all the same process. I just integrate them into the chronological file structure, add all the metadata that I use, and then tidy up with consistent file and folder renaming. Then you can sync the difference into SmugMug, Forever, backups, etc. that you might be using. I cover all of that in my new Lightroom course if that interests you: Also note that you can do everything you describe with Adobe Bridge, but it would be a much faster project with Lightroom Classic.

    J. Gerding
    3/3/2019 at 5:04:44 AM GMT
    DL Client’s iCPL onto EHD
    I have followed the thread to download iCPL onto EHD to use that as the primary Photos Library, but did not see mention of whether the client has to temporarily disable uploads to iCPL while it is downloading. My client has about 95k of photos and I have been running into many interruptions and aborted attempts while trying to DL. Any help is appreciated! Jean

    A. Wagner
    3/4/2019 at 4:57:09 AM GMT
    Hi- I don’t believe they have to disable uploading. I am working with a client with 48k photos and have also had a tough time with the download. Connecting my computer directly to my modem helped. Have you checked the speed of your internet? This also can make or break a download. I ended up calling our provider and paying for the next level up.