Hello, I’m Diana! And questions…

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      Diana SherblomDiana Sherblom

      Hello, I’m Diana,

      I’m adding photo org onto my art and family/brand photography business, and I’m in the Northern VA/DC area.

      I love the end products and goals–designing photo books, chatting with clients about their favorite photos and memories. But as you all probably know, the real issue is that people need help with the finding and organizing first.

      I’d love to focus on remote organization, as one of my reasons for adding this on is to give me a remote work option. I’ll do some in-person scanning and sorting as well.

      I have a few questions (which I’ve also asked in the FB group) and the different answers to those questions from different courses and people brings me to yet another. How do I find best practices in APPO with all the different advice floating around?

      I know people will have different practices and opinions, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel 🙂 and I’m feeling a little stuck with the varying advice. TIA if you can help sort it out!

      Looking forward to getting to know everyone and maybe meeting a few DC area folks in person.



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Forums New Member Welcome Hello, I’m Diana! And questions…