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List Building Foundations

Thursday, August 20 at 1pm EST

About This Webinar:

Are you looking to build your list and increase awareness? An important part of our marketing strategy should include building a list funnel. Join expert email copywriter, Sara Vartanian as she shares her; 7-steps to a solid list-building funnel

> How to skip a common mistake that can hurt your sales

> Two ways to validate your lead magnet so you know it will actually convert

> Simple copywriter secrets that make it easier to connect through email

> How to create a better user experience by peeking at samples of what’s working now

> Key tools you need to create this funnel

Learn more about email list building!

Presented by
Sara Vartanian

Launch Strategist & Copywriter

Sara Vartanian is a launch strategist and email copywriter who helps service-based business owners uncover the words that make the people they love to serve to feel seen and heard so they can create copy, offers, and funnels that make stronger connections and more sales.

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