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Turn Your Love of Photos Into A Business

Discover how to turn your love of photos into a successful business.

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Tame photo chaos and help families
share their stories

This free workshop is for you if you’re…

Someone who always pulls out their camera

You’re the one taking pictures at family gatherings or your kid’s sporting events. People count on you to document the lives of your friends and family.

A professional organizer or senior move manager

You already help people organize and manage their belongings, and know the decades of photos, negatives, and videos overwhelm most of your clients.

Looking for a side gig

Maybe you’re a teacher, a seasonal worker, or the pandemic impacted your job and you want to find a fresh steam of income.

A photographer who wants a new stream of income

In this time of social distancing you’ve realized it’s time to think of how to offer related photo services to clients who already love the photos you’ve taken of them.

Enjoy organizing collections

You enjoy history and sorting through people’s photos so you can help them tell their stories excites you.

…or you’re excited at the idea of helping families preserve and enjoy their photos for generations to come. 

Take your passion and turn it into a profitable business!

Hi, I’m Cathi Nelson.

Founder and CEO of The Photo Managers

The Photo Managers is the leading educational community supporting photo management professionals around the world. With information on best practices and business basics, we provide a launchpad for new photo managers.

Join me for this free workshop where I’ll help you decide if turning your love of photos into a business is right for you.

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