Masterclass 2021

The Masterclass 2021 Experience – A Three-Month Virtual Program.

Masterclass 2021 includes a variety of calls to provide different types of support, connection and learning. This new structure builds in accountability to help each member stay on-track with important work, it fosters community by connecting the members regularly over several months instead of just at conference, plus it includes more time with Lisa and her coaching skills to help the members continue to grow and work through challenges.

Masterclass 2021 Includes:

  •  30-minute private call with Lisa. During this time you will clarify your vision for what you’ll achieve during the program.
  • An initial full group session (Approximately 2 hours). In this first call with the whole group we will set the foundation for our time together, connect with one another, do some coaching work and set intentions for what each member wants to achieve during the program. 
  • Three monthly full group sessions (Approximately 2 hours each). These calls will vary from one another and include individual member check-ins, coaching from Lisa, exercises, learnings from small group breakouts and more. 
  • Small group breakouts to discuss specific topics. Throughout the program, members will meet in small groups to discuss specific topics (ie. Pricing, Sales, Managing Client Expectations, Marketing, etc). You’ll use this time to discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions. Lisa will facilitate the members and choose the topics ahead of time so they are most relevant. The learning gained in each group will be shared with the entire class so everyone benefits. 
  • Weekly accountability check-ins. Each member will have an accountability partner (some may have two if we have an odd number of participants). You’ll have weekly check-ins including prompts and action sheets provided by Lisa.
  • Celebration lunch. Enjoy lunch joined by past Masterclass alumni in Atlanta during the 2021 conference (streamed virtually for those not attending the conference in-person)). 


  • Certified Photo Manager 
  • Minimum 2 years of professional photo managing  experience or equivalent 
  • Completion of online application

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Application Process

  1. Purchase a Conference + Masterclass Registration
  2. Once we receive your registration, you will receive a follow-up email with instructions for completing your application.
  3. You will be notified of your acceptance status by January 2021.

Applicants are evaluated based on their experience level, business goals, and skill level. We strive to create a group equally matched with diverse areas of expertise. If your application is not accepted, you will receive a full refund.

About Your Facilitator

Lisa Corrado is a coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurs get out of their own way. Her clients describe her as nurturing yet firm, able to clear away the clutter and focus on the essentials. Lisa is trained in the Co-Active coaching model, combining it with goal setting and accountability for maximum success. Lisa says her favorite goal achievement is a toss-up between surviving cancer, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, and leaving a lucrative but soul-crushing job in order to be happy.

Lisa Corrado

The Facilitator’s Role

Lisa will be using her skills as a facilitator to ensure that each participant has a voice, individual and group needs are addressed, equal time is given, negativity is redirected, and a high level of professionalism maintained. Her role is to create a collaborative, positive environment where participants teach each other based on the group’s shared and individual goals while keeping the team on track.

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