So here I am having a relaxing week at my parent’s house in Central Pa, and I keep adding to the list of things that I really should be doing at home in Maryland. I’m trying hard to keep the focus of “kids first” and watching them have a great time “crick” walking, bike riding, and just loving being with Grammy (we could have done without the snake incident).  I can’t help but reminisce about growing up here and now I watch them loving small-town life too (my city-boy husband would call this the country).

But while I’m reminiscing, the image of the pile of preschool and elementary school artwork piled on my desk at home keeps resurfacing. I can be assured that start September, the influx will start again. Several years ago I scanned and photographed all of my oldest sons art projects and put them into a digital album. It was a very gratifying process. A bit time consuming but it felt so good to purge the pile when I was done. Yes, I said purge.  I kept a few things that I felt were extra special, but everything else went to recycling. Now a couple years later I have 2 kids in school and twice as much artwork to tackle. So I’m typing it here, when I get home, I’m going to practice what I preach and get it done. It’s time I stop feeling guilty about the pile and do something about it. Summer is almost over, and it will all start coming home in the backpacks way too soon. I will be able to reduce the piles off the desktop to 2 small albums. Ahh…the satisfaction.

If this sounds like a job on your to-do list, but you would rather not take it on by yourself, know that there are professionals out there that can help you efficiently and safely preserve your children’s artwork. The Association of Personal Photo Organizers (Appo) has professionals all over the country and around the world that are excited about taking on this task and helping you put time with your kids and family first, while at the same time preserving their memorabilia.  Appo Members can do it with you or for you. They can do the scanning, they can design the album, or they can do it all. The possible scenarios are countless. Believe it or not, we actually think organizing this stuff is fun, especially when it’s not our own.

IMG_3373_2-21-150x150Rachel Jenkins is a photo solutions manager and founder of ScrapMyPix.  She is also a certified member of Association of Personal Photo Organizers.  She specializes in using technology to bring your images out of the closet and computer so they can be safely shared, displayed and archived.  For more information on available services, please check out her website at