This week my printed photos have been scattered in boxes all over our home as I continue my mission to get our photo life organized. Several times my husband would look through some of the boxes, pull out some photos and laugh and enjoy the memories. But more times than I care to admit, he would say…“I’ve never seen these before!” or “I wish I knew we had these” or “how come I haven’t seen these photos until now?”

And that’s when I knew I was guilty of withholding photos. Gulp.


And I remember why! My choices were intentional. Deliberate, although innocent. When I brought home photos that I was excited to get into an album {scrapbook album} I would tuck them away knowing they would look even better on the pages of my scrapbook. I would make the story come alive in a work of art that would be way more impressive than rifling through a package of pics.

But then life got busy, the clock kept ticking and the years went by.

My good intentions were buried in the busyness of life and my husband never saw many of those photos.

Can you relate? Do you have boxes of printed photos that never made it into an album? Do you have digital images on your memory cards today that no one sees because you’re not ready?

Time has a way of sneaking up on you. Your good intentions to get them into an album or a photo book first may deprive you or your loved ones of special memories and wonderful moments together.

Don’t wait to share!

Do you have photos in your collection that your family hasn’t seen yet?

Lisa Kurtz, Association of Personal Photo Organizers
When Lisa Kurtz lost her mother, grandmother, aunt, and uncle in three years, she was left holding a box of unidentified photographs with nobody to ask about them. Lisa embarked on a lifelong quest to discover and preserve her mom’s story, for herself and her kids, which led her to a career in professional photo organizing. Today, Lisa is the Founder of Pix & TALES with her daughter and together they help busy moms manage their pictures and tell their family stories.