The hardest part of organizing your photos is getting started. It’s easy to tell yourself – this is too hard – it’s going to take too much time – what if I do all this work and no one cares? Or you may start thinking – maybe I’ll do this when I retire instead or when I find some free time! If these thoughts are running through your mind, that’s normal. This is the part of the project where you’ll feel the most overwhelmed. We know that – and we’re here to get you out of the starting gate.

In our course, Digital Photo Organizing Made Easy, we’re helping you set your intentions and layout a plan for completion.

Let’s envision this project like building a house. First, you need a strong foundation to support the rest of the structure – you need a set of blueprints – you need materials – and you need a step-by-step process. You don’t start with the roof – you start by laying a foundation.

I know this sounds simplistic, but this analogy gives you an idea about how to approach this project. And the work we do in this course will help you stay on track.

Organizing Photos: Why Can't I Get Started? |

Otherwise, if you’re like most people, once you start scrolling through your images without a plan, this happens.

Oh, I forgot this picture!! Brendan was just 6 months old but had a smile that would light up the room!

Chelsey spent all day patiently fishing with her dad and was so excited when she finally caught this little fish. But it made her sad, so we threw it back in the water.

… I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Before you know it, you’re lost in time – an hour has passed and you haven’t made any progress. There will be plenty of time to reminisce when you’re done, but for now, you’re going to keep that camera roll closed until you prepare.

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Lisa Kurtz, Association of Personal Photo OrganizersWhen Lisa Kurtz lost her mother, grandmother, aunt, and uncle in three years, she was left holding a box of unidentified photographs with nobody to ask about them. Lisa embarked on a lifelong quest to discover and preserve her mom’s story, for herself and her kids, which led her to a career in professional photo organizing. Today, Lisa is the Founder of Pix & TALES with her daughter and together they help busy moms manage their pictures and tell their family stories. 

Organizing Photos: Why Can't I Get Started? |