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Please read our General Information and Disclaimer below before engaging or working with any partner listed on our site. 

General Information and Disclaimers

Photo Managers actively use and recommend products and services to run their businesses, perform client work, and provide ongoing education. You will find many product or service references on our site and in our educational resources. We offer these resources to support your business, and we make every effort to provide accurate and up to date information about any vendors. However, companies may change their program, product, pricing, or benefits without notifying us. Some vendors pay a fee to market their products and services to you, some vendors are recommended by your peers, and some vendors are standard industry recommendations. A vendor listing does not imply a partnership with The Photo Managers™ and it should be clear and understood that we do not thoroughly vet product or service providers. When you use any of the vendors listed on our site you are assuming all risks associated with that relationship. The Photo Managers™ cannot act on your behalf to resolve any issues that may arise.

We recommend you protect your business and client relationships with a clear disclaimer about the products you use and recommend. Your clients need to understand the rapidly shifting industry, especially as it relates to digital products and services. We encourage you to make your policy clear on how you handle product changes or price changes that occur during a client project or after completion. We recommend you consult with a legal advisor to ensure you are adequately protecting your business. The information The Photo Managers™ provides is not legal advice.