With all of the course options for photo organizing, it can be a little hard to choose. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular photo organizing courses in The Photo Managers Academy.

DIY Digital Photo Organizing Workshop

Instructor Jordan Babeon teaches you her system for organizing digital photos. Starting by gathering them all in one place, you’ll learn how to deduplicate and organize them, then back them up and maintain your organizing system. Understanding cloud services is an important part of this course, and Jordan teaches specific workflows for Google Photos, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, and Amazon Photos. She also provides quick reference cards with easy-to-follow instructions for completing core tasks from the course.

DPO PRO: The Ultimate Photo Organizing Masterclass

Instructor Caroline Guntur teaches her system for organizing digital photos. Starting by gathering them all in one place, you’ll learn how to deduplicate and organize them, then back them up and maintain your organizing system. She takes a deep dive into using Apple Photos, Adobe Lightroom, and Photo Mechanic as photo management system options. Caroline offers a VIP level that includes group coaching and a private member community for extra support. 1:1 coaching is also available for an additional fee.

The Photo Organizing Blueprint

Instructor Holly Corbid provides a step-by-guide to organizing your entire memory collection, including both your digital and printed photos, offered in both a Mac and PC version. You’ll learn the basics of digital photo organizing (how to gather photos into one place, how to select a photo organizing system, and how to deduplicate, organize, back up and maintain your organizing system). Take a quiz on your ‘Photo Personality’ to determine the system that fits for you. The Mac course focuses on Apple Photos/iCloud, while the PC course provides system options, while giving you a deep dive bonus on how to use OneDrive to help you manage your photos. Holly also teaches on sorting printed photos, and talks through scanning, media conversion, and memorabilia. 1:1 coaching is available for an additional fee.

The Photo Manager’s Essential Mac Pro Bundle

Instructor Paul Einarsen shares his top tips on using Mac as a professional photo manager in this bundle. In Mac Tech Boot Camp, you’ll get a basic training designed for real people to keep your Mac computer running smoothly. With the skills learned in this course, you’ll have the satisfaction of fixing and maintaining your own Mac, and be able to help friends, family or clients when they need it. In Apple Photos for Photo Managers, you’ll get a professional’s guide to serving and supporting clients who use Apple Photos every day.

Save Your Photos with SORT & Succeed

Instructor Darla DeMorrow starts with tapping into your “why” for a photo organizing project, before delving into printed photo organizing and the basics of digital photo organizing. If you are interested in creating photo albums with your newly organized collection, this course is for you. Darla teaches you how to select the best photos, doing some light photo editing, and designing and printing a photo book. You’ll walk away with a treasured keepsake as well as a digital photo maintenance plan.

Printed Photo Organizing Made Easy

Taught by Cathi Nelson, this content comes from the book, Photo Organizing Made Easy: Going From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed. The main focus is dealing with printed photos – getting the supplies ready for this kind of project, gathering photos, and sorting and culling them before scanning. The basics of scanning and digital photo organizing are also covered (though not as in-depth as any of the digital photo organizing courses), as well as ideas for fun ways to share: photo books, video slideshows, online galleries, wall displays, and photo gifts.

Apple Photos Start to Finish

Paul Einarsen shares everything you need to master Apple Photos from iPhone to Photobook. Apple Photos Start to Finish is simple and fun, but it connects all the dots from critical setup choices on your iPhone through the iCloud Photo Library and into organizing steps on Photos for Mac. It couldn’t be simpler: watch the video lessons; follow along with the steps on your own devices; and enjoy your photos!

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