Photo Tip Tuesday: Store print photos in safe boxes |


Photo Tip Tuesday

Printed photos should be stored in archive quality boxes or albums that protect them from light, and stored in locations with low humidity and average room temperatures.

Photo Tip Tuesday: Store print photos in safe boxes |

Protect Your Printed Photos

A printed photo remains one of best ways to ensure you will have a permanent record; however, light, heat, moisture, pollution and rough handling can harm prints. If your prints are stored in old shoe-boxes or magnetic albums, it is time to make some changes to safe photo storage. You should store you prints in closed albums and boxes that keep the light out.
Make sure your storage boxes are acid-free and lignin free. Add a silica gel packet if you are afraid of high humidity.  When you handle your prints only touch the edges. Even if your hands are clean, they will leave an oil residue. You can always wear white cotton gloves. If you are going to write on the back of your photos use a specialty photo pencil and don’t press too hard.

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