Communicate, Connect & Confidently Create

a solid foundation for your Photo Management business starting from the inside out.

During this two-day intensive, Certified Life Coaches and entrepreneurs, Lisa Bianco and Lisa Luken will work with you to build a stable foundation for your photo management business. Lisa and Lisa have been delivering workshops to The Photo Managers since 2016 and are excited to be back again for this highly-reviewed intensive.

This session is geared toward individuals who:

   – Are ready to start a photo management business.

   – Have started a business but are stuck in the process of getting it off the ground and making it thrive.

   – Have been in business for a while but have lost the joy in their work.


"the best class I could have asked for.."

“Lisa and Lisa did an amazing job helping guide thoughtful activities to give us clarity about our Whys and more. It was the best class I could have asked for and it exceeded my expectations. Couldn’t have been happier.” -2019 Participant

"I am now ready to move my business to the next level..."

“I felt they were perfect for me after being a photo organizer for 5 years. The focus on goals and defining your services helped get me on track and I am now ready to move my business to the next level of success” -2019 Participant

"I bonded with my classmates who were on the same path..."

“I not only got the guidance I sought, I bonded with my classmates who were on the same path. Some ahead of me and some right where I was. We are maintaining this bond by holding each other accountable throughout the year.” -2019 Participant

During this highly immersive and interactive workshop, Lisa and Lisa will provide guidance and coaching to help you:

1. Communicate with Clarity

The value you provide to clients without having to be assertive and pushy. What you do as a Photo Manager is priceless! 

Communicate with Clarity…

  • On how can solve your ideal clients’ problems for them to hire you.
  • On the value you provide without worrying about your own photos not being organized-yet!
  • To the ideal client who YOU want to work with.
  • The photo projects you love to do, to attract more of the jobs that bring you the most joy.

2. Connect with a Community

Connect with a community of fellow Photo Managers to establish a trusted network of collaborators and accountability partners. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely at times, but you do not have to do it alone!

Connect with a Community… 

  • To have ongoing support on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • To help you realize you are not alone when you have those feelings of uncertainty and fear.
  • To bring awareness of your greatness that you cannot see for yourself.
  • To receive valuable feedback and encouragement from your peers.

3. Confidently Create

Confidently create a solid business foundation from the inside out. Create a business using your unique values, interests and skills!

Confidently Create…

  • Work-life balance by learning on how to best invest your energy and time.
  • Strategies and systems to prevent from feeling overwhelmed by your business.
  • A joyful business by saying “no” to the work you don’t enjoy and saying “yes” to what brings you joy.
  • A strong belief in yourself that you can have a successful business.

Now is the perfect time to invest in yourself and create a photo management business.

This intensive will provide you with the tools, guidance, and collaboration that you need to make it a success!

About Your Facilitators

Lisa Bianco

Lisa Bianco is a Certified Life Coach, Professional Organizer, Author, and Speaker, who leads interactive workshops at conferences and life-changing retreats. She is an entrepreneur and owner of Power is Within Coaching. 

Lisa believes that being an entrepreneur is the greatest self-discovery journey that you will ever take. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs to find the power within themselves to have the confidence to create a joyful business they love from the inside out.

She lives in St. Louis with her family and is adjusting to a quieter life as a new empty-nester with her new baby, Kirby, a Maltipoo.

Lisa Corrado

Lisa Luken

Lisa Luken, ACC, is the founder of Simple Joy Living, LLC. She helps creative entrepreneurs create businesses and lives that bring them success and joy. With a background in corporate financial management, Lisa became an entrepreneur in 2013 and has been coaching, consulting, speaking, writing, and leading workshops and retreats throughout the US since. Once a Certified Photo Organizer herself, Lisa knows the dynamics of creating and operating a photo management business. She looks forward to helping you establish a solid foundation for your business!