A study just released through TechCrunch indicates that SnapChat is on pace to surpass Facebook and Instagram in the number of photos being shared virtually. That is over 500 million photos shared per day on average so far in 2013.

As the founder of APPO – (Association of Personal Photo Organizers) I see this statistic as a disturbing trend in photo sharing.  Working with our clients across the country and Canada, we see that because we have so many photos – stacked and stored everywhere – we are losing our stories and the power of the photo.  For many, life is becoming a series of instant adrenaline rush photo moments versus patient, deliberate and memorable moments that can be shared and enjoyed for years to come.

I think we need remind ourselves that photos are an important testimony to the history happening around each day. Think about the famous Life Magazine photo with the sailor and nurse kissing in Times Square, a moment in time – captured, saved and shared for over 60 years!



If that had been only a SnapChat, taken, shared and deleted, we would have missed something unique and powerful.

Cathi Nelson founder of APPO