Privacy Advocate Training
 Become a Privacy Advocate: A Comprehensive Course 
Are you a Photo Manager seeking to safeguard your business and clients from the growing threats in the digital world?

We have partnered with privacy expert Heather Nickerson to create a comprehensive course that will equip you with essential knowledge and practical skills to navigate the increasing need for online privacy and security.
 What is a Privacy Advocate? 
A privacy advocate is a designation from The Photo Managers validating that you have completed a comprehensive course on privacy.  It demonstrates you have the knowledge to support and recommend tactics, processes, and policies to enhance and protect one’s privacy.  Upon completing the course and passing the test, you will receive a Privacy Advocate Badge to display on your website and social media, letting your clients know you have invested in learning up-to-date standards to ensure privacy and security. 
 Who is this for:
  • Photo Managers seeking to enhance their knowledge of online privacy and security.
  • Business owners looking to safeguard their client's data and their reputations.
  • Individuals who want to stay ahead of the ever-evolving risks in the digital landscape.
 Meet Your Instructors
Heather Nickerson is the co-founder and CEO of Artifcts. Before founding Artifcts, Heather grew and led a private security firm and was an established thought leader in the security industry. She also authored a book titled Shield Your Privacy, aimed at helping individuals and families to protect their privacy. Heather started her career as an Intelligence Analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency, including serving as a briefer in a war zone tour in Afghanistan.
Prior to founding her company Arrange Wander Focus, Allison was an attorney who regularly dealt with the legal jargon surrounding policies and disclaimers and handled and kept safe, highly confidential documents for her clients.
 Why Online Privacy Matters More Than Ever 
In today's interconnected world, online privacy is paramount. From data breaches to identity theft, the risks are real and ever-present. As a Photo Manager, you handle sensitive client information, making you and your clients potential targets for cybercriminals. This course will give you the information you need to protect yourself and your clients from potential risks.
 What’s Included  (4.5 hours of instruction)
  • Four Class Modules - total time (4.5 hours)
    1. Know Your Risks (1:08:22)
      • Be able to articulate the privacy protections that exist at the federal and state level.
      • Be able to articulate the most common ways an individual’s data is either stolen or compromised.
      • Be able to articulate the most common types of data harvested in a data breach.
      • Be able to recognize the most common adversarial methods for stealing your data.

    2. Protect Your Business (1:57:17)
      • Be able to discuss and implement the core techniques to protect your business online.
      • Be able to perform due diligence on the software you utilize in your business.

    3. Protect Yourself (59:45)
      • Be able to discuss and implement the core tools and techniques to protect yourself online.

    4. Protect Your Clients (48:14)
      • Be able to discuss and implement the core tools and techniques to protect your clients online.
      • Be able to conduct a five-point privacy review with your clients.

  • A quiz to test your knowledge
  • Live, quarterly Q & A sessions with Heather
  • Client Checklist and Resource Guide
  • Privacy Advocate Badge to display on your website (Members of TPM)
  • Marketing support from The Photo Managers on the value of working with a Privacy Advocate Photo Manager (Members of TPM)
  • Regular course updates as technology and risks change
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 TPM Members
Includes course, Q&A sessions, and badge for one year. To maintain badge, you must renew for $25 per year to update knowledge and re-take the exam.
Applicable for any business owner who accesses clients' personal information online and wants to protect their own business and personal information.
 There is absolutely no risk to you! 
Say YES today. Use the system, and within 30 days, if you’re not completely satisfied, we will refund your investment.

Promise. No questions asked.

We only ask that you give it an honest try because what we’ve put into this system can and will help make a significant impact in organizing all your photos.