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 The Photo Managers have teamed up with Income Growth Mentor Nafissa Shireen  as well as other
sales and marketing professionals to bring you a series of  workshops throughout 2021.


The first three workshops with Nafissa Shireen, Lasso Framework, and Rukyatu Tijani are FREE and part of your membership benefits
(Nafissa’s alone are valued at $300+ USD each; that’s over $900 savings!).


Nafissa’s fourth workshop will be offered as part of our Profitability LIVE 2021 event, along with a lineup of other great speakers.

Nafissa Shireen Workshop #1

Friday, January 29, 1-4pm ET

The Client You Are Is the Client You Attract

In this workshop we’ll dive deep into buying behaviours and motivations – both yours and your potential clients’.  You’ll start to uncover patterns and beliefs that are showing up and how they are being reflected in your sales conversations and conversions.


You’ll close the gap between the type of clients you really want, and the ones you current are attracting.  And you’ll walk away with action items that you can implement immediately.

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Make More Money With a Great Website

Tuesday, February 16 at 1pm ET

With Lasso Framework

In this webinar, Blake Ruff and Sherman Merricks from Lasso Framework will share the five mistakes to avoid when designing your website and how to improve your existing website to make more money. Sherman and Blake are Certified StoryBrand Guides and have helped more than 200 businesses say the right things to their customers.


Nafissa Shireen Workshop #2

Friday, May 7, 1-4pm ET

Leadership – Sell, Don’t Tell

In this workshop, we’re going to take all the “ICK” out of the sales process.


Have you ever experienced a sales person who just made you feel slimed as they were pitching all the bells and whistles of their product or service?  Did it feel like they were really just making it all about THEM, and not you? 


Selling is something you do FOR someone, not TO someone. This workshop is designed to teach you how to make it all about the prospect. No more “pitching” and trying to convince your prospect. You’ll learn the difference between convincing and influencing and why it matters. You’ll also learn some elegant ways of building rapport – both verbally and non-verbally without being over-eager, creepy or weird.


This is a fun workshop, that will be filled with a lot of laughs and a lot of value as you master the art of Influence.

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Protect Your Brand With Trademarks

July 22, 2:30 - 4 pm ET

With Rukayatu Tijani

Rukayatu “Ruky” Tijani is the Founder, Creator, and Chief Esquire Officer of Firm for the Culture, an organization of social entrepreneurs helping social entrepreneurs. Drawing upon years of extensive legal experience, they help change makers, culture shifters, and status quo disruptors own their brand names.


Learn about the importance of protecting your intellectual property. In this interactive discussion, we’ll cover:

– The difference between a Trademark, Copyright, and Patent;
– Why a trademark is essential to social impact, business growth, and scalability;
– The quick and easy way to determine if a business, service, or product name is trademarked;
– The detailed way to determine if a business, service, or product name is trademarked;
– What to do if someone steals your business name;
– How to apply for federal trademark registration and the role of the United States Patent and Trademark Office; and
– What happens after successful registration of one’s trademark.


Nafissa Shireen Workshop #3

Friday, September 17, 1-4pm ET

Money, Value & Price Resistance

This workshop is designed to help you get out of your own way when it comes to asking for (and getting) the prices you really want – or maybe when you’re done, even a little bit more.


You’ll work through and uncover any resistance you have about asking for money. You’ll work through some exercises designed to truly help you understand, and own the actual results you create for your clients (you’ll be surprised, as it goes way beyond a photo project).  And you’ll start to value your services for what they truly bring to your clients.
You’ll walk away from this workshop with action items, confidence and tools to set your pricing where it should be. 

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Nafissa Shireen Workshop #4

Part of Profitability Live 2021 - November 4-6, 2021

Getting to YES at the Price You Want to Charge

This final workshop, to be held as part of Profitability LIVE 2021, will be an interactive training session where you’ll learn how to hold an effective and ethical sales conversation.  We’ll dive into mindset hacks, practical application and how to’s. It will be a mix of training, role playing and hot seat coaching. Visit Profitability LIVE 2021 to register.

You’ll learn:

  • How to set a conversation for success from the start.
  • What success in a sales conversation actually is.
  • What to say and what not to say (Yes, you’ll get a script outline).
  • How to overcome common objections including price resistance.
  • What to focus on and what not to.
  • When and how to state your price.
  • Common sales mistakes and how to avoid them.

"Very motivating!"

“This wasn’t only a great training. It was a peek into the world of successful photo organizers and how they are rocking their businesses – each in the own unique way. It was rich with relevant information and customizable action items. Very motivating!” -Fabiana Morris, Treasured Pixels

"a great investment."

“If you’re looking for real examples of how to grow your photo management business, Profitability Live is a great investmnt.” – Dionne Merriott

"I was so impressed"

“As someone who spent seven years in competitive MLM, I was so impressed with the level of encouragement I felt in jst three days worth of training. It truly is a giving and supportive community that I’m proud to be part of already!” -Kari