Business Essentials

Business Essentials

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is staying on top of everything. You have to respond to emails, make sure your website works perfectly, organize projects, keep in touch with your clients, find new clients, determine pricing, develop effective workflows, and the list goes on and on…

Our goal is to help simplify this process for you. Here you’ll find links to trainings from experienced Photo Managers. Topics range from niche marketing to setting up your business.

In addition, our Document Library has materials that can help you avoid reinventing the wheel.

Training Webinars

Profit Accelerator Series
A series of workshops throughout 2021 focusing on the profitability of your business. From mindset to strategy to tactical action steps, these webinars will cover a range of topics. They are applicable no matter where you are in your business. Improving your money mindset and sales strategies are timeless skills.

Apple Tools for Business
If you do business with a Mac, you should know about the amazing productivity tools that come installed on every Apple computer.

Futureproofing Your Business
We often talk to our clients about “futureproofing” their photo collections, but it’s also a concept we should apply to our own businesses. 

Building Your Brand House
Learn how to position your brand in a crowded marketplace. 

HR Must Do’s for Small Businesses
Do you have employees or are you planning to hire as your business grows?

Understanding Copyright Issues for Photo Managers
We’ll talk about what is legal, what is clearly not legal, and what’s in the grey, murky middle (where most of our questions lie).

Open Mic Monday Recordings