Digital Photos

Digital Photo Essentials

Digital photo management involves your client’s digital photo collection — native digital images, scanned images, and videos. This includes gathering all images into a central hub, deduplicating, adding metadata, and creating backups. There are also opportunities for editing, image correction, and photo restoration depending on your skill level.

This work can be done remotely by logging into your client’s computer or you can gather your client’s images on an external drive and complete the work on your computer.  

Many members also outsource this work to other Photo Managers; search the directory to find a colleague to work with.

Training Webinars

Organizing with Apple Photos 2.0: Thinking Different, Again
An overview of how Apple Photos plays in Photo Management for 2021 and beyond with Paul Einarsen.

All About Amazon Photos
What’s the deal with ‘free, unlimited’ photo storage included with Prime membership? Casey von Stein shares the pros and cons of Amazon Photos and how she incorporates it into her client workflow.

Digital Photo Organizing Basics & Workflow
Two-part webinar about digital photo best practices and digital photo organizing workflow from the initial phone call with a client to delivery. Included are 5 excellent handouts.

Google Drive & Dropbox: Sync vs Backup
A thorough walk-thru of Google Drive and Dropbox to explain how files can be accessed locally as well as on the cloud, including how you can use the different platforms as a synced drive vs a back-up drive.

Why We Love Apple Photos
Where it fits in photo management, why it works, business advantages and opportunities, and organizing in Apple Photos.

Helping Time-Strapped Parents with their Photo Library
Parents feel so guilty when they can’t get their photo act together. They snap, snap, snap and realize, after a few years, that they have accumulated thousands of photos but that they can’t find the best ones to share or to pass on to the next generation.

Tackling Big Projects
Do you have the confidence to tackle big client projects? For example, what happens when you pick up a “few boxes” from a client and it fills an entire minivan? What would you do if a client asks you to organize their digital photos and you discover they have millions of images?

10 Reasons to Use Adobe Lightroom for Organizing Photos
Learn how Adobe Lightroom Classic can help you with your photo organizing clients. The Photo Managers Member, Adam Pratt explains ten reasons why he uses Lightroom for every project and shares his favorite tips and tricks to help you be a better photo organizer.

Open Mic Monday Recordings

Forum Topics

Apple Ecosystem
Discussions related to Macs, iPhones, Photos…everything Apple.

PC / Android Ecosystems
Discussions related to Windows, Android, and other non-Apple ecosystems.

Digital Photo Organizing
Discussions about workflows, metadata, and software.

Remote Organizing
Discussions about working with clients remotely.


Advanced Education

Organizing Photos with
Adobe Lightroom Classic

Skill Level: Pro Photo Managers, Photographers, Family Historians

Photo Organizing Using Mac Photos and iCloud Photo Library

Skill Level: Pro Photo Managers