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Printed Photo Essentials

Printed photo (and document) managing involves sorting, cataloging, and archiving a client’s analog collection. This often include heritage and more recent photos, slides, documents, artwork, certificates, family artifacts, souvenirs, and other memorabilia.

Most Photo Managers offer this type of organizing in their suite of services. The Photo Managers Best Practices include digitizing the collection, backing up to the cloud and removable hard drives, as well as rehousing the original curated collections in archival storage.

Training Webinars

Museum-Quality Storage for Photos and Memorabilia
Professional information for museum-quality storage solutions for your clients’ photographs and memorabilia — skills that you can translate into additional revenue.

Tackling Big Projects
Do you have the confidence to tackle big client projects? For example, what happens when you pick up a “few boxes” from a client and it fills an entire minivan? What would you do if a client asks you to organize their digital photos and you discover they have millions of images?

Understanding Copyright Issues
The rules and best practices around copyright for photos are complex and very confusing. During this webinar, we will demystify copyright issues that frequently arise for photo organizers (with a U.S. focus).

What is Archival: The Professional Perspective
Go behind the scenes at museums, the Image Permanence Institute, and Archival Methods to dig into the practice of preservation at the institutional level.


Forum Topics

Printed Photo Management
All aspects of organizing printed photos, slides, negatives, documents, and memorabilia.