Saving Essentials

Understanding the differences between backing up, archiving, cloud storage vs cloud backup, syncing, and best practices when converting dated media is an important aspect of the photo management process. In addition to knowing the key differences, there are a growing number of companies, services, and options to wade through when making the best choice for your clients. Check back here regularly to stay on top of the latest changes and best practices necessary to ensure your client’s digital assets are safe and secure. 

You can also outsource this process to experienced Photo Managers. Search the directory to find someone to assist you.

Training Webinars

Choosing the Right Cloud
With so many alternatives out there, how can a beginner possibly understand the differences between different cloud services?

Cloud Backup: Amazon Prime + Google Photos
With so many cloud services available, it’s hard to determine which is best for you and your clients.

Google Drive and Dropbox Sync vs Backup
A thorough walk-thru of Google Drive and Dropbox to explain how files can be accessed locally as well as on the cloud, including how you can use the different platforms as a synced drive vs a back-up drive.

Open Mic Monday Recordings

Forum Topics

Backup / Cloud
Discussions related to backup strategies, workflows, and tools to create efficient backup systems, including onsite and cloud solutions.

Converting Media
Discussions about saving film, video, audio, and digital media.

Advanced Education

Working With Water Damaged Photos – FREE!

A Step-By-Step Process For Cleaning and Scanning Water Damaged Photos
Presented by Kathy Stone