Scan Essentials

Most families have decades of printed photos, negatives, slides, letters and documents that need to be digitized. Businesses also can have years of printed photos, company records, event memorabilia, and the like. You can invest in the equipment and learn to offer scanning services yourself or outsource this work to another Photo Manager or one of our Partners.

The Photo Managers Best Practices include using a dedicated photo scanner or DSLR camera scanning setup, not a scanning app on your phone or an “all-in-one” printer.

Training Webinars

Scanning: Explore Ways to Make Your Workflow More Efficient and Profitable

We will explore alternative revenue streams and market opportunities, whether you do the scanning yourself or outsource it. We will discuss efficient scanning workflows to streamline your time and options to help increase your revenue.

Scanning Negatives and Slides – A Tech Talk
Scanning negatives can provide higher quality scans and fill in missing images in a family photo library.  In this two-part presentation, we’ll look at the benefits of scanning negatives, the various film formats, and the many different options for scanning negatives and slides.
Part 1
Part 2

Scanning Your Photos with Vue Scan
If you ever scan – either for yourself or for your customers – then this webinar is for you. VueScan from Hamrick Software is the world’s most popular 3rd party scanning program – with over 10 million downloads and over 650,000 customers.

Open Mic Monday Recordings

Forum Topics

Discussions about scanners, camera scanning, workflows, troubleshooting, and more.

Advanced Education

Easy Index Scanning Workflow

Do you organize printed photos? Do you scan photos? Do you outsource photo scanning? If you answered YES to any of these questions then this course is for you!