The Rising Tide Award

One of core beliefs of The Photo Managers community is “a rising tide lifts all boats.” This guiding principle means that the great work that our members do has a positive impact on The Photo Managers community and the photo organizing industry as a whole. We would not be the thriving community we are today without the dedication and support of our members.

We have created the Rising Tide Award to honor each year three of The Photo Managers members who’ve shared their expertise, innovated, taken risks, and moved the needle for our community. They embody the guiding principles of The Photo Managers.

• We are collaborative rather than competitive.
• We take pride in adhering to a strong code of ethics and industry standards.
• We believe in exceeding expectations.
• We share generously of our knowledge and experiences for the benefit of the community.
• We recognize this is a growing and changing industry and we share new ideas with an abundance mentality.

The winners below have been nominated by their peers as individuals who support The Photo Managers community through sharing their knowledge and expertise; shared new ideas (products, workflows, client management) related to photo organizing with an abundance mentality; and exceeded expectations with a client or within the The Photo Managers community.


Peter Bennett

Fotoflow Solutions

“Peter always gives in-depth instructions on how to tackle a project and is willing to offer follow-up.”

“He has been such a tremendous source of education for me and so many others.”

“This man is kind, soft-spoken, a gentle teacher, and has healthy boundaries to share his expertise. There are times I’ve decided to never post a question again online as a few are too quick to answer with their opinions, or “must do this way” mentality and I think it stops others from feeling safe enough to add their thoughts. Peter is not this energy.”

“I love Peter’s laid back California vibe and appreciate the wealth of experience in photography, teaching, and client management that be shares with the TPM community. His philosophy about photo curation has also inspired me in recent years to do better work.”

“Peter is a wonderful teacher, generous and kind in his advice and guidance (his many classes for TPM show this). He also shares his thoughts, frustrations and observations freely to our benefit. He’s inspired me personally in so many ways over the last 5 years. And I know he’s inspired others. It’s an honor and privilege to work with him.”

Cheryl DiFrank

Cheryl DiFrank

My Memory File

“Cheryl is often among the first to respond to pleas for help on the Facebook group; offering specific, detailed, and helpful information, advice, and solutions to problems other photo managers face.”

“Cheryl is patient, thorough and generous with her advice and solutions to issues. I appreciate her takes on things like pricing, which helps newbies and not-so-newbies like myself, as well as her excellent and insightful tech advice on many complex issues.”

“The advice she gives are not “pat answers” but really thought out individualized answers. She is one of the most giving people online that isn’t looking for promotion or getting something from her support/mentorship. I adore and respect that. She is a true expert in my opinion and truly is what we promote and enjoy about belonging to TPM community.”

“I appreciate that Cheryl shares generously from her technical expertise and extensive experience in the stock photography industry. She always has a thoughtful answer that’s technically sound and reveals strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills.”

“Adam is so generous with his information, always encouraging people to give the best results to their clients. I am a better photo organizer because of the help he has given, to try to make our community better.”

“In the four years that I have been a member of the Photo Managers, Adam has consistently been helpful to newbies and seasoned pros, alway generous with his advice.”

“I know that if I pose a question that Adam has knowledge on he will respond and he has no trouble taking the time with you. I cannot say enough about what I think he brings to this team, he most definitely deserves this honor.”

“Adam sets the bar for providing support and freely sharing his abundant knowledge and experience with all things photo management! He is often found sharing new information and his own test results to back up what he’s sharing.”