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If you missed any of the classes or need a review, you can view them here along with a note from the speaker and special offer link where applicable. They are divided into 5 sections, following the 5 Step Photo Organizing Process: Goals, Collect, Sort, Save and Share. Enjoy!


Step 1: Goals

Step 2: Collect

Step 3: Sort

Step 4: Save

Step 5: Share


Step One: Goals

Avoiding the Digital Dark Age

Carly Michael

“Thank you for taking the time to watch my webinar. The reality is confronting so I hope that you were moved to take action. Feel free to contact me directly or a Photo Manager that is in your local area.”


Photomyne: Scan Your Photos on the Go

Ariel Gindea

We’ll help you learn how to use Photomyne, a mobile app that lets you digitize photos on the go.

Cherishing Your Child’s Memories

Kim Reynolds

This class will focus on ways to encourage your kids to capture and save their own memories, so your photo collection can include both yours and your child’s memories.

Moving Your Memories

Diana Uricchio

“Thanks for watching my presentation. As you plan your move or help a loved one, I wish you success and excitement for a new beginning. Get your free checklist. Connect with me on Facebook.
OXO Digital Organizing

10 Reasons to Organize Your Photos

Adam Pratt

“Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my course. I hope you feel equipped to tackle your project and encouraged to keep going. Please let us know if there’s anything we can to do to help!”
Chaos to Memories

Tus Fotos… Tu Historia… Tu Vida…

Milagros (Mili) Parra Castro

“Me complace informarles que ya el libro está a la venta en Amazon. Gracias por su apoyo.”
Pictures With Magic 

Share the Story of Just One Photo

Dawn Roode

“Thank you to all who reached out to share your photo stories so far! I’m especially touched by everyone who is inspired to preserve even more of your memories—happy reminiscing! Don’t forget your free resources: One Photo Story,  and let me know how I can help!”
Modern Heirloom Books

iPhone Photography Tips & Tricks

Nicole Olds

“Thanks for tuning in to my talk. I hope you find the iPhone photography tips useful and recommend you start using them right away! For info on help with organizing all those newly fab photos please drop by Enjoy Your Photos.”

The 5 Golden Rules of Photo Organizing

Chantal Imach & Fiona Staff

Learn about the 5 main topics involved when approaching a DIY photo organising project.
DIY Photo Organising 


Step Two: Collect

Digital Photo Gathering Basics

Sylvia Cuillo

“If you watched my class congratulations, you have the knowledge and worksheets you need to gather your digital photos into one central place and leave the stress behind! For more support, hop over to Photos Organized and check out our Virtual Coaching packages.” 

Tackle Your Family History

Christie Johnson

“Thank you for listening to my class. I truly hope you enjoyed it very much. Please reach out to me for my FREE 10 Tips for Photo Management. Wishing you well in your tackling of your family history projects.”
Vision to be Organized    

Preserving Home Movies

Becky Ball

Old home movies that were shot on 16mm & 8mm film, VHS, and camcorder mini tapes are not a lost cause! They can be digitized, preserved and even archived & shared on the cloud. Most importantly, they can be converted to today’s viewing standards so you can enjoy them again.
Beacon Digital Video 

Unearthing Hidden Photo Treasures

Jody Bondi

“I hope you are able to uncover some lost treasures of your own. Contact me before 11/20/20 for a free 20-minute consultation via phone or Zoom to help you with your search.”
Hoosier Photo Organizer  

Show & Tale: Where were you on 9/11?

Martie McNabb

“Thank you for sharing your 9/11 story with me. I believe in the power of story-sharing. Join me to share more stories of the things you keep @showandtales.”
Show and Tales  

Collectionaire: Curate a Family Legacy Collection

Stanley Kinsey

“Thanks for watching! To get your discount coupon, join our mailing list, or just learn more, please click here. Then organize all your best photos, home movies, documents, and memories into one collection that all your family members can easily navigate and view, with Collectionaire.”


Step Three: Sort

Stuff Vs Memories – What’s the Difference?

Sarah Macnaught
Thank you for all the wonderful feedback from my talk with Matt Paxton in Save Your Photos Month! We are going live on Facebook on Wednesday 14 October at 6pm EST so like my Facebook page @photocurators and I will send an invite soon.”
The Photo Curators   

ABCs of Photo Organizing

Cathi Nelson

“I developed a simple method to help people sort their photos using an easy to remember acronym – the ABCs. This is now used by hundreds of photo organizers throughout the world. If you are ready for an deep dive into organizing your printed photos check out my class, Printed Photo Organizing Made Easy.”

Organizing with Photos and Albums in Apple Photos

Paul Einarsen

Learn easy ways to collect photos and add them to a custom Folder/Album structure that you create on iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Bluewater Imaging

Demystifying Software Options for Managing your Photos

Jordan Babeon

“Thanks for watching, you deserve to have your memories protected. Don’t forget to pre-register for the brand new DIY Digital Photo Organizing course hosted by The Photo Managers.”
Surround Us Services    

Photos You’ll Never Miss On Your iPhone

Isabelle Dervaux

“So glad you watched my mini-course; many of you have already started to clean-up your devices. If you want more in-depth instruction on selecting your best photos, let me help you remotely via Zoom. Schedule a free consult or book a virtual 1:1 class at my website: Isabelle Dervaux

Become a Better Photo Editor

Peter Bennett

“Thank you for viewing my Become a Better Photo Editor presentation. I hope you learned some helpful techniques for editing and telling stories with your photos Please visit me at FotoFlow Solutions for more info about photo organizing and to subscribe to my newsletter.”

Using Search & Keywords in Apple Photos

Paul Einarsen

Whether you are using search to create a collection or doing a pop-up request, this presentation will explain how to use these powerful tools to speed up your photo gathering and eliminate unnecessary organizing tasks.
Bluewater Imaging

Using Facial Recognition in Apple Photos

Isabelle Dervaux

“If you found value in this mini-course and are excited to get deeper into Apple Photos, I can share many tips to help you get your project done. Schedule a free consult or book a virtual 1:1 class at my website: Isabelle Dervaux.”

Navigating Apple Photos

Paul Einarsen

This short presentation will show how AP saves you time and automatically organizes by year, month, and day, and curates your photos into best picks, Memories, and moments.
Bluewater Imaging

Mylio: Consolidate Your Photos

JC Figueroa

“Thanks for watching my presentation, hope it inspires you to bring your own photos together and enjoy them with your loved ones. To use Mylio to help you with that process, visit this link for more information and a special discount code.”


Step Four: Save

You Say You Want A Resolution

Cindy Wagner

“Thank you for watching my class, You Say You Want A Resolution. If you’d like to be notified of future classes, join my mailing list or sign up for a free consultation.”
Focus After Photo

Learning About Cloud Storage

Shelley Murray

“I hope you walked away from my class with a better understanding of cloud storage. Now, with this knowledge, you can confidently begin developing your own family photo plan. Please join my community where I hope to inspire you and show you step by step how to Save, Organize and Share your family memories today, tomorrow and for future generations.”
Shelley Murray


Understanding iCloud Photo Library

Paul Einarsen

This presentation will show how iCloud works with Apple Photos on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to sync all your pictures and save valuable space on your devices. Learn how to set up and use the system to get the best experience with your photos.
Bluewater Imaging

Choosing a Cloud Service: Google or Amazon

Orit Lagnado

“Thank you for watching my presentation. If you need more guidance on organizing or backing up your digital photos, follow me on Instagram, check out my new course about Amazon Photos, or reach out for 1:1 help.”
Organized Photo Solutions


Easy Backup Plan for Mac Users

Molly Bullard

Leave your worries behind as I lead you through the steps to backup your Mac computer, Apple Photo collection, and iPhone using iCloud and Time Machine.
Seattle Photo Organizing

Scared of Losing Your Photos?

Rhoda Gordon

“Thank you for watching my presentation. I hope it inspires you to bring your own photos together and protect them. To sign up for a complimentary 25 minute consultation where you can ask all your photo related questions, please email me.” 
Sunflower Photo Solutions

Back Up Photos on Your Phone: 8 Apps

Lisa Tonjes Moritz

“Thank you for viewing my presentation! Check out my corresponding handout. Stay in touch by joining my Facebook group and save your photos!”
Hope Organizing


5 Scanning Mistakes You Can Avoid

Cindy Wagner

“Thank you for watching my class, 5 Scanning Mistakes You Can Avoid. If you’d like to be notified of future classes, join my mailing list or sign up for a free consultation.”
Focus After Photo

Seven Secrets to Scanning your Photos

Adam Pratt

“Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my course. I hope you feel equipped to tackle your project and encouraged to keep going. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!”
Chaos to Memories

Archival Methods: 10 Tips for Preserving Family Heirlooms

Kate Jacus
“Thanks for watching! Find more information in our online resource, Family History Preservation Guide. Use code SYPM2020 for 15% off your order through 11/30/20.”
Archival Methods

Step Five: Share

Photo Books: Getting Your Pictures on Pages

Lisa Hardie

This session will give you ideas for several books that you can create to tell your family’s story.
Pictures on Pages  

Create a Screensaver With The Photos You Love

Isasbelle Dervaux

“For some of you, viewing your photos on your Mac with your new screen saver was a game changer! I’d love to help you discover more about the powerful features of Apple Photos. Schedule a free consult or book a virtual 1:1 class at my website: Isabelle Dervaux.”

DIY Legacy Film: Yes, You Can Do It!

Haleh Shoa
“We hope you enjoyed watching our course and that you are excited to start filming your own legacy film to preserve family stories for generations to come. Visit us on to sign up and receive your complimentary list of legacy questions and equipment list. You also receive 20% off our basic editing package until 11/30/2020.”

Enjoying your Memories in your Home

Dionne Merriott

“Thank you for watching my class about how you can enjoy your memories in your home decor. If you’d like to learn more, you can connect with me by setting up a free photo account at Forever.”

Weaving Stories and Photos

Teresa Townsend

“Thank you for watching, Weaving Stories and Photos. Now is the time to write and preserve your life stories that will be treasured for generations. If you would like to be notified about future workshops and specials, visit my website.”
Tapestry Life Stories

Photo Gift Ideas

Shanna Koetsier

“We hope you enjoyed learning about personalized gift ideas! Please follow us on Instagram or Facebook to learn even more about photo products and to watch for sales/give-aways. And…enjoy 30% off your order with code SYPM30!”

Career Advice from the Pros

Cathi Nelson

In this live webinar, Cathi interviews professional photo managers who share their advice on getting started and succeeding in this growing profession. You’ll meet both seasoned pros and those just starting out. Don’t miss our fall member special worth $139 when you join before 11/1/2020. Use coupon code: fall2020.
The Photo Managers

Permanent: Tell a Story with your Digital Memories

Megan Dolan

“Be sure to head to to claim 10 free gigabytes of Permanent storage and learn how we can help you preserve and deliver Permanent Archives to clients with ease.”