I love taking vacation photos – being in a different location, different climate, different time zone and capturing amazing views and memories is such a joy. I always make sure to have back up memory cards as well as batteries, so we are not scrambling with a dead camera. Couple that with the oodles of photos my kids take with their phones and you end up with an amazing collection!

This year, since we were going on a bit more of a guided vacation (a cruise with some touring) I decided to prep a little bit differently… I prepped for bringing photos home.

Set Up Your Files

First, I set up space on my home server for the upcoming avalanche of digital photos. I use a month_event naming structure for the folder and subfolders (sequence number_day date_event) for each day and tour stop. The outline of our trip looked like this:

Before Your Travel: Photo Prep for Vacation | ThePhotoOrganizers.com


Prep Your Photo Book

Next, I prepped the photo book I was going to be creating. This vacation was our second cruise on the same cruise line, so I wanted a book whose design mirrored the first one. I copied the same cover (which reminded me to get a similar boarding photo of the kids on cruise 2).

Before Your Travel: Photo Prep for Vacation | ThePhotoOrganizers.com


After the Vacation

When we returned I gathered up everyone’s devices and loaded them onto my server, dumping collections of photos by date into their corresponding folders. The phones provided distinct locations (which I found interesting) especially for days we were at sea.

Once everything was collected I was able to edit the photos down to the “best of” by having the full day’s photos all in one place. This then made it easy to load up my photos, by day, into my photobook software for placement.

It was nice to be able to show off a printed book of our June vacation at our July 4th family events. I was thrilled that it took even less time than before to get organized which made assembling a breeze. I will definitely follow that model again to “get ready” for vacation.

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Karrie Converse-Jones of TurningLeaf Curation ServicesKarrie Converse-Jones is the owner of TurningLeaf Curation Services, a photo organizing and gift business where gathers her clients’ most cherished images and makes them easy to share because she believes our stories matter.





Before Your Travel: Photo Prep for Vacation | ThePhotoOrganizers.com