Understanding ADHD & Its Impact on Your Clients

Thursday, September 3 at 1pm EST

About This Webinar:

As you work with clients, you will inevitably find yourself working with clients who have ADHD. This webinar is an overview to help dispel the myths we often think about ADHD; naughty boys bouncing off walls, messy, lazy, and disorganized.

The Facts About ADHD

Twenty years of MRI scans and research shows it is a brain-based disorder with both structural and functional differences. People with ADHD can’t simply try harder. Also, ADHD is underdiagnosed in women whose coping strategies are often diagnosed as anxiety and depression.

Potential Patterns of Clients with ADHD (diagnosed or not)

> Hyper-organized and a perfectionist
> Multiple duplicates and many photos stored all over the place
> Difficulty following through on agreed tasks
> Difficulties managing passwords
> Impulsive- a full house with lots of hobbies/ changing interests
> Relationship breakdowns- complex family history
> Difficulties in managing time

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Joined by
Sarah Bickers

Founder of Free Your Space

With ADHD running through my family I’ve developed a passion for working with these creative, energetic, and sensitive people. Since 2014 I’ve worked as a professional organizer with clients with ADHD. I now work predominantly in the ADHD world, giving support and expertise to my clients. I’ve also been interviewed for podcasts, delivered ADHD workshops, and spoken at ADHD support groups.


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