How To Add A Video To Your Holiday Card |

Guest Blogger Jenny Herrero of Storyteller Productions shows us how to include a video with our holiday card this year. What fun!

With the holidays coming up, many of us will be sending our holiday card with updated pictures of our family. But why not do something with the videos you’ve taped as well! Here are step-by-step instructions on how you can share more of those memories with loved ones this winter.

How To Add A Video To Your Holiday Card |

Make a video channel

First thing you need to do is make a YouTube or Vimeo channel. This is where you upload your video clips that are special to you. Personally, I prefer Vimeo over YouTube because I like the interface better (cleaner layout), and there are less ads than YouTube.  Whichever you choose, you will have to create a user name and password to form a channel. Customize it with information as you see fit!

YouTube gives you the option to set the link as a private link for viewing, so only the people that have the link can see that particular video. With Vimeo, you can set a password if you want to keep it private. The paid version offers private links for viewing as well.

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Choose the video clips to upload

You can either upload a bunch of individual short video clips, or you can make a compilation of all the short video clips within a video montage. Either way will work!


If you choose to upload individual short clips, I would recommend shortening them to the most important parts. i.e. you might have a 3 minute clip you taped, but only the first 20 seconds are compelling. You’ll want to trim the video to the most interesting part. If you’re on a Mac, you can shorten clips with Quicktime Player. If you’re on a PC, you can shorten clips with Windows Media Player. Other uncomplicated options include using Wondershare for $70 or iSkySoft for $60.


Some of us might want to get a little more creative, and create a compilation of clips within one video, not having to upload individual short clips. If that sounds like something you might want to do, go for it! For Mac based, you can edit videos in iMovie and Final Cut X. For PC based, Windows Media Player and Adobe Premiere will work. Wondershare (as listed above) is another option.

If you’re super busy and don’t really have time to learn those softwares, Proshow, Animoto or Magisto are great softwares for busy parents who want to compile a Holiday video like I did for my family in the video below. I ended up using Animoto for my family video this year. [Editor’s note: It’s an adorable video. Check it out!]

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Upload your media to your channel

Now you are ready for uploading! Depending on whether you chose YouTube or Vimeo as your preferred channel, you simply click on the UPLOAD button, and it will ask you to drag or select the video file. Depending on how large your video file is, it should finish uploading within a few minutes!

How To Add A Video To Your Holiday Card |

YouTube Video Upload Screen


How To Add A Video To Your Holiday Card |

Vimeo video upload screen

Create a QR (Quick Response) code

Now that your media is uploaded, it’s time to create a QR code. QR is short for Quick Response, and it is a picture consisting of an array of black and white squares that store URLs, readable by smart phones or tablets.

This picture is what will print on your holiday card. The receiver can scan the code with their smart phone or tablet to watch your video(s). Some smart phones already have QR readers installed, but if you don’t already have one installed, they are easily downloadable for free on your phone’s app store.


Copy the video link that you wish to share and click on a site which will make your QR code, like QR Code Generator. You will have to make a free account with a user name and password.

Make sure to click on CONVERT YOUR CODE TO A DYNAMIC QR CODE, as demonstrated by the red arrow in the picture below. This is so you can go back and change the information stored within the code, without having to create a new code which will outdate your old one.

After you create your QR code, you can download the picture and test it with your own smart phone. Make sure that when you read it with your QR reader, it directs you to wherever your video link is stored!

How To Add A Video To Your Holiday Card |

Put QR code on your holiday card and you are all set!

On the back of your holiday card, you can put a little description of everything that’s happened this year, along with the QR code. Those who have a QR reader on their smart phone or tablet can easily view the video. For those folks who are confused by QR codes (ahem….Grandma and Grandpa), you can also include the video link within the card as well.

How To Add A Video To Your Holiday Card |

How To Add A Video To Your Holiday Card |

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Jenny Herrero of Storyteller ProductionsOriginally from Indiana, Jenny Herrero moved to New York in 2001 to begin her career in post-production at MTV Networks by creating presentations through videos, photos and music. After becoming an expert in organizing and archiving media, Jenny formed Storyteller Productions in 2010 – a place which helps busy individuals and families organize, preserve and showcase their special photos and videos.