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Why should you back up photos from your camera and your phone?

Memories Lost

There was a story on the Today Show recently about how a man on vacation with his family found a camera’s memory card on a hiking trail.  After some research, he was able to find the family and return the card to them.  The memory card had been lost three years before and, ironically, even though the family had downloaded the photos to their computer, the computer had since crashed and all the photos were lost.  Among the photos on the card were several of their grandmother who had passed away a year ago.

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Download AND Back Up Photos

Downloading your photos from your camera or cell phone is not enough protection for your cherished memories.  They also should be backed up to some external device, such as a hard drive or a Picture Keeper flash drive, as well as to the Cloud using software that is available from companies like Carbonite.

How Would You Feel?

Put yourself in the shoes of the family who had lost their camera’s memory card and then had their computer’s hard drive crash.  Or in the shoes of the families who lost everything with hurricane Sandy.  How would you feel if all of your photos were lost forever? Has this ever happened to you?

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Why Should I Backup My Photos | The Photo Organizers