Prosper Now Masterclass

Propel Your Business to New Heights with our Groundbreaking Masterclass Experience!

We are thrilled to introduce a game-changing masterclass experience that goes beyond anything you’ve encountered before.

Who Should Apply?

Are you focused on growing your business? Do you need support to reach your revenue and operational goals? If so, this masterclass experience has been created just for you!

Have you previously been part of a masterclass experience? Are you ready to connect with motivated business owners and take your business to the next level? If so, you’ll want to join us again!

Here’s why our new masterclass experience is a must-attend event:

Cutting-Edge Content

We have completely reimagined the curriculum to include an application process to determine what skills you need to learn. This will create a customized learning environment with peers who share your business experiences and growth goals.

Fresh Perspectives

Our three expert coaches are trailblazers and visionaries with exceptional business success. They will share their transformative experiences, inspiring you to think differently and embrace innovative approaches that can elevate your business to new heights.

Interactive Learning

Bid farewell to passive learning! Our masterclass experience is designed to be highly interactive and engaging. Through immersive exercises and group discussions, you’ll gain practical knowledge and develop the skills necessary to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Exclusive Networking

Expand your professional network and forge valuable connections with fellow attendees who are as motivated and ambitious as you are. Our masterclass experience creates a unique environment for collaboration that will last long after the masterclass concludes.

Save Thousands of Dollars

The cost to work with any of these coaches individually is significantly higher than committing to a group experience. We know from experience that your ROI will be multiplied by the opportunity to work with 3 experienced coaches and your peers, thus providing you with significant value! Together, they’ve created a unique learning experience just for The Photo Managers, because they are passionate about helping you achieve the success they’ve achieved.

What You'll Learn at the 2024 Prosper Now Masterclass

What's included in your 4 Month Masterclass Boot Camp

December Kick-Off Meeting: Meet the coaches and peers and set your intentions for a career-changing 2024.

Monthly Deep Dive Training: Each month, a different coach will teach from their unique expertise, so you benefit from three perspectives and a deep dive into the topics that will help you grow your business.

Group Coaching: Every month, you will meet in small groups to discuss growth opportunities, process your experiences, receive valuable feedback and ask questions. The coach of the month will facilitate these groups.

Accountability Partners: We will match you with another cohort member to help you stay on track and put your ideas into action. The goal is for you to meet twice per month throughout the masterclass experience. Dates and times are TBD by each partnership.

Exclusive Cocktail Party: On Tuesday evening, April 2, 2024, you’ll be invited to a private event to meet your colleagues you’ve grown close to throughout your 3 months together. It’s the perfect time to kick back, relax, laugh, and enjoy one another’s company before you spend the next day in an immersive intensive.

Full-Day Intensive: You will conclude your masterclass boot camp with a full-day intensive on Wednesday, April 3, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency, Columbus, Ohio. This full-day experience includes a cocktail reception on Tuesday evening to meet one another and an in-depth group experience that will include small group exercises and speed coaching. This time with one another is the highlight of your experience and is not to be missed.

How is the 2024 Masterclass different from the 2023 Masterclass?

Thanks to the invaluable feedback from our 2023 participants, we have enhanced our masterclass experience to provide an even more enriching experience.

There is just one cohort to allow you to learn from those doing business differently from your own.

A single cohort allows you to support each other with rich relationships.

Based on your answers to the masterclass application, you will be aligned with business owners with similar goals and experiences.

You’ll have access to recorded lectures allowing for more real-time coaching and in-depth learning.

The full-day immersion experience will include one-on-one speed coaching, goal-setting exercises, and topic-specific small groups.

Private LinkedIn group experience with coaches’ participation so you are supported between scheduled meetings.

Applications Are Closed

Don’t wait to apply because space is limited to ensure a small group experience. The application deadline is October 1st EXTENDED to October 31st. Masterclass members will be notified by October 15th. We offer full refunds if you change your mind or are not accepted to this year’s masterclass.

To provide you with the most impactful learning experience, we have implemented an application process for the 2024 Prosper Now Masterclass. Our aim is to curate a dynamic environment where you can collaborate with like-minded peers who share similar levels of business experience and growth aspirations.

However, due to our commitment to ensuring an ideal learning environment for all participants, there is a possibility that your application may not be accepted.

So, if you’re ready to thrive alongside driven entrepreneurs and leverage the collective wisdom of your peers, we encourage you to apply. Don’t miss the chance to be part of an exclusive community that will empower you to reach new heights of success.

Call for Speakers

The Photo Managers conference is known for providing outstanding training taught by subject matter experts. We are seeking educators on a variety of subjects including topics geared to experienced and new professionals.

By applying, you agree to present your material at both events. Ideally, in-person in Orlando and then virtually for our virtual conference attendees. We will give preference to speakers who can deliver their material in person, but we will also consider virtual-only presentations, especially from our international community.

What Your Peers Have to Say...

“While hesitant at spending the money for Masterclass so early on in my business, I can say it was money very well spent. The instructors were great and I thought the pace was perfect. In our class, everyone was at a different stage of their business but that made it all the better to learn from one another. Having connections before going to my first conference made the experience immeasurably better. I highly recommend Masterclass!”

Ellen Oberhart

“Masterclass really helped me clarify what I want to do with my business and where I’m headed. It gave me people who are serious about their businesses as well and just as willing to be helpful in problem-solving. I’m not alone!”

Philip Griffith
PSG Photo Solutions

“I enjoyed Masterclass so much I took it twice! The learning and development is unparalleled – and the in-person meeting at conference was fantastic. I have a cohort of wonderful professionals I can reach out to for advice, and I’m happy to reciprocate. This level of experience is only something you can get only in Masterclass and I started applying much of what I learned in class immediately…and my business is better for it already!”

Marci Brennan
Past Present Pix

“Masterclass was more than just a couple of coaching sessions. For me it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with like-minded people that have become like family. We celebrate each other’s wins, console each other through the lows and lift each other back up, hold each other accountable and continue to work on ways to learn and grow together. Running a business by yourself is lonely. I don’t feel alone anymore.”

Christina Singleton
The Neat Squad

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