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 Week 1: Why Your Legacy Matters & How to Get Started 
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Acquired Family Photo Collections: 5 Common Issues and What You Should Do
Your parents just gave you their entire photo collection. Now what? You'll learn five common issues that arise when you suddenly find yourself as the owner of a family member's photo collection and what you can do about it.
Courtney Plaster | Decluttered Digital
Create An Easy Family Timeline to Organize Your Photos
If you are contemplating organizing your own photos, one of the best tools to support you is one that you make yourself: A Family Timeline. You'll learn why it is beneficial to create one and how it aids in the organizing process, as well as several methods to creating a family timeline.
Rhoda Gordon | Sunflower Photo Solutions
How to Downsize Your Photo Collection
Is your phone bursting with photos? Is your computer running out of hard drive storage space because of your photos? You’re not alone. Most of us take too many pictures and are overwhelmed by the sheer quantity in our camera rolls. This course will give you tips you can use immediately to reduce your photo clutter, strategies for how to curate and organize your collection to make your photos easier to find, and provide a method for sorting and selecting digital photos to create albums and other photo projects.
Holly Corbid | Capture Your Photos
Six Steps to Organizing Your Photos and Old Media
It’s so easy to be overwhelmed when you start your organizing project. This course teaches you six easy steps to organize your project: Set, Select, Sort, Snap, Save and Share. No matter how big or small, when you use this six-step method, you can stay on track and get your photos and media organized.
Kimberly Melton | Visual Story Media
Your Game Plan for Leaving a Photo Legacy
Photos are an important part of our legacies, so having a plan for your own photo legacy is critical. In this mini-course, you'll learn the mindset needed to tackle your photo legacy, and you'll receive an action plan so you'll know exactly what to do and when to do it.
Tricia Cain | Atlanta Photo Organizers
Mis raíces, mis vivencias, mi legado… Una historia que contar
Acompáñame en esta presentación donde quiero conversar sobre la importancia de contar tu historia y lo gratificante que resulta usar tus fotos y narrativa para hacerlo. Es más sencillo de lo que parece.
Mili Parra Castro | Pictures with Magic
Een Tijdlijn voor het Organiseren van je Foto’s
Je leert hoe je een tijdlijn maakt en gebruikt. Een tijdlijn kan heel handig zijn voor het organiseren van je foto’s. Je kunt er datums en gegevens op kwijt, en helpt je daarmee bij het sorteren én dateren van foto’s en films. Ook bij het maken van een fotoboek kan het een fijne basis zijn voor de indeling.
Ellen Massaro | Professional (Foto) Organizer
 Week 2: Keeping Up with Technology 
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Are Your Screenshots a Source of Stress?
Screenshots can steal the joy in your camera roll. It creates visual noise next to your family photos. In this mini-course, you will learn creative solutions to deal with screenshots.
Isabelle Dervaux | Photo Organizer and Visual Storyteller
The Best Duplicate Photo Remover Software
Do you have way too many duplicate photos in your photo catalog and have no idea how to get rid of it all? In this mini-course, you'll get an introduction to the best duplicate photo remover software out there.
Amanda Littlecott | Clear Bubble Professional Photo Organisers
Control Your Photo Privacy
If you store your photos in the cloud, you can access them from any device at anytime - it's great! But not all photo storage sites are created equal in terms of privacy. You'll learn what photo privacy is, why you should care, which photo storage providers prioritize photo privacy, and how to keep your photos safe, secure, and private while still allowing you to share with those you choose.
Allison Freedman | Arrange Wander Focus
Goodbye Apple Photos Duplicates
The new Duplicate Detection feature in Apple Photos finally lets you find, view, and merge all the duplicates that are cluttering up your Apple Photos Library. Presented by a former Apple Genius, this talk will teach you the easy steps to get control of unwanted duplicate photos on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
Paul Einarsen | Bluewater Imaging
Why Everyone Needs an External Hard Drive (EHD) for Their Photo Collection
You have photos everywhere, on your computer, old computer, on the cloud, and printed and scanned photos. In this mini-course, you'll learn about External Hard Drives (EHD), why you need one, what to buy, and how it can help you organize your photos better.
Darla DeMorrow | HeartWork Organizing
 Week 3: How to Prepare for the Unexpected 
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Curating Your Life Story for Future Generations
Our lives are made up of stories and those stories are often reflected in our photos. In this session we will talk about the basics of why and how to gather, organize, preserve, and share your life story through organizing your photos and connecting them to the stories they represent. We will review various digital and analog methods as well as best practices for each.
Kim Kiehl | Stories of a Life
Saving Your Children's Photo History Before and After Divorce
With close to 50% of marriages ending in divorce, frequently photos of children's life before their parents' divorce are kept by one person. Learn practical ways to protect children's photo memories!
Ellen Oberhart
Strategies to Save Their Stories Before It's Too Late
When our loved ones show signs of aging including memory loss or other serious health challenges, it is important to save their stories before it's too late. In this mini-course, you will learn strategies for gathering and recording stories of your loved ones, and tips on how to present those stories.
Carmen Carvajal | Forever Neat Organizing
What Is A Photo Estate?
When considering passing down your family photos, what should you look for, and who should be involved? This mini-course will look at how to curate your total photo collection down to the best photos and the stories of your family over the years and past generations. How can you make sure people will want and value the family heritage found in your photo estate?
Philip Griffith | PSG Photo Solutions
Fotografías a prueba de todo
Usted recibirá 10 consejos para proteger sus fotografías contra el paso del tiempo y la adversidad. Desde cómo crear un ambiente seguro para sus fotos impresas hasta cómo reducir el desgaste de la unidad externa que utiliza para almacenar sus fotos digitales.
Carmen Carvajal | Forever Neat Organizing
 Week 4: Using Photos and Videos to Create Joy 
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10,000 Memories In Your Pocket - Exploring "For You" on the iPhone
Photos are the bookmarks of our lives, and nothing creates more smiles and tears of joy than the FOR YOU features on your iPhone. With just a tap, relive your child's first steps or that unforgettable trip to Disneyland.
Paul Einarsen | Bluewater Imaging
Create a Mini Photo Book
Learn how to create a mini photo book from start to finish! Choose a theme for this book that coordinates with fewer photos, rather than a full year in the life of your family. You'll learn the steps to getting started, designing your photo book, and FINISHING it!
Shanna Koetsier | GingerSnaps
Know Your Videos: How to Create a Shot List
Having just digitized your old home videos, the first and most effective step towards creating memorable highlight videos is to create a detailed shot list of the important moments with the Who, What, Where, When, and Why for reference. This allows you to access important moments later using their timestamp, and reference them in other locations like Collectionaire or Ancestry.
Joshua Duggan | Jiggety Jog Photo and Media Solutions
Reliving Memories with Projector
Projector is a great way to stream and share your favorite home movies in your living room. It's a must-have for every extended family that wants to relive shared memories but lives in different locations! In this mini-course, you'll learn what Projector is, why we recommend it, and how to get started using it.
Joseph Horner | Nembur
How a Photo Manager Can Help You Create Your Photo Legacy
Thousand of people hire a professional to help them with their overwhelming photo collections.  If you’ve never considered hiring someone for help or are curious about how a photo organizer can help, this video will answer those questions.
Cathi Nelson | The Photo Managers
Become a Photo Manager: Turning Passion into Profession
Are you the person who takes all the photos, turning them into photo albums and gifts? Are you interested in family history and love sharing old family photos? Are you ready to start a business that helps people curate, save and share their family photos and stories? The world needs you.
Cathi Nelson | The Photo Managers
Releases September 1
7 videos on why your legacy matters.

Releases September 8

5 videos on keeping up with photo/video technology.

Releases September 15
5 videos on how to prepare your photos for the unexpected.

Releases September 22
4 videos on using photos and videos to create joy.

Registration includes access to all videos through October 31st, 2023.
September 11 at 2pm ET
How to Preserve a Family History and Pass on a Legacy

September 18 at 2pm ET

Kids' Art and Papers: Are They Keepsakes or Clutter?

September 25 at 2pm ET
Photo Organizers & Their Clients: A Look Inside Real Photo Organizing Projects & Their Impact

October 2 at 2pm ET
To Cloud or Not to Cloud

All sessions are recorded and shared if you cannot attend these live.

September 6 at 1pm ET
Why Your Legacy Matters

September 13 at 1pm ET

Keeping Up with Technology

September 20 at 1pm ET
How to Prepare for the Unexpected

September 27 at 1pm ET
Using Photos and Video to Create Joy

All sessions are recorded and shared if you cannot attend these live.
Worried about the photo legacy (or photo mess!) you're leaving for your family?

Struggling to find the photo you need as your collection grows?

Wish an expert could hold your hand through the confusing process of wrangling your photos?
Since 2014, The Photo Managers have provided FREE educational classes, in-person workshops, and engaging conversations to help you ensure your photos and videos are not lost to changing technology, natural disasters, or just a lack of time and know-how!

Why Should You Join? 🤔

1️⃣ Expand Your Knowledge:
In September, we're back with an extraordinary lineup of FREE mini-classes, panel discussions, and an exciting addition for 2023—Cathi's Pics Live! Every week, tune in to this live event where we showcase the products and services recommended by The Photo Managers, helping you make informed choices for preserving your memories.

2️⃣ Tailored to Your Needs: Our theme for 2023 is all about focusing on the topics that matter most to YOU! We've carefully curated a wide range of discussions and classes to address the specific challenges you face regarding photo preservation.

3️⃣ Connect with Experts: By joining Save Your Photos Month, you'll have the opportunity to engage with industry experts and passionate photo enthusiasts. Ask questions, gain insights, and benefit from their knowledge and experience. Our community is here to support you every step of the way.

4️⃣ Preserve Your Legacy: Photos and videos are more than just images—they capture moments, emotions, and stories that define who you are and where you come from. By participating in Save Your Photos Month, you're not only safeguarding your memories for future generations but also preserving your unique legacy.

How to Get Involved 📆

Sign Up for Save Your Photos Month and don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Register to secure your spot and gain exclusive access to all our FREE educational resources, mini-classes, panel discussions, and Cathi's Pics Live events. It's time to take control of your photo preservation journey.
Prize List
During the last week of September, we will randomly draw names from the registration list for the opportunity to win one of these prizes offered by our generous sponsors and speakers.
(2) Nixplay 9.7-inch Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame - $299.99 value each

(5) One Year Subscription to Mylio Photos+ - $120.00 value each

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(1) KODAK PRINTOMATIC Instant Print Camera from GoodOnes - $79.99 value

(2) Grow Your Digital Legacy Masterclass from Grandparents Academy - $147.00 each

(5) Copies of Photo Organizing Made Easy: Going From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed - $14.95 value each

(5) Copies of A Business Roadmap for Professional Photo Organizers - $14.69 value each

(3) Copies of Organizing Your Home with SORT and Succeed - $15.00 value each

(2) Copies of The Upbeat, Organized Home Office - $15.00 value each

(2) Copies of What's a Photo Without the Story? How to Create Your Family Legacy - $14.99 value each

(3) Copies of Una sencilla manera de organizar y compartir tus fotos - $19.99 value each

(1) Course: Printed Photo Organizing Made Easy - $79.00 value

(1) Course: The Photo Organizing Blueprint - $347.00 value

(1) Course: How to Sort Your Printed Photos - $39.00 value

(1) Course: Introduction to Lightroom Classic for Photo Managers - $99.00 value

(1) Course: Camera Scanning Simplified - $199.00 value

(2) Course: Snap It & Scrap It - $100.00 value each

(2) Course: De-Dupe Your Photo Collection with Cisdem - $49.00 value each

(1) Course: Setting Up & Working with PhotoSweeper - $59.00 value

(1) Course: Organizar Fotos Impresas de Manera Fácil & Organizar Fotos Digitales de Manera Fácil - $118.00 value

(1) Course: Pacote de Organização de Fotos Impressas e Digitais - $100.00 value
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The Photo Managers is the world’s leading educational community in the rapidly growing field of photo management. Founded in 2009 as the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) by Cathi Nelson, the name was updated in 2020 to better reflect the type of work our members provide clients.

The Photo Managers serves Photo Management Professionals around the world, thousands of do-it-yourselfers, and legions of people who want to hire certified professionals to help manage their photos and family heirlooms.

Photos and the stories they capture are such an important part of your family or organization’s journey, and you can preserve and enjoy them for generations to come. Let The Photo Managers help you on your photo management journey!
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