Isabelle Dervaux

Isabelle’s mission is to teach busy parents how to take charge of the thousands of photos they accumulate on their iPhones and eliminate the unnecessary stress they cause. When Isabelle coaches parents to take fewer and better pictures, their relationship to photography evolves — from frenetic bursts of photos to a thoughtful framing of the experience — letting them appreciate the moment as well as record it for the future.
Using her background as an artist, she teaches her clients how to think like a pro, reduce visual clutter, and select their best shots. She guides them through selecting their most meaningful photos and shapes them into beautiful printed albums that uniquely tell their family’s story.

Isabelle is a regular speaker at The Photo Managers and The National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals. She has also been featured in Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal, and The New Yorker. Originally from Valenciennes, France, she lives with her husband in Brooklyn, New York.

The Art of the Find: Curating Your Client’s Photos


Quickly identify your clients’ best photos by “seeing” like a photographer.

The first step in curating your client’s images is learning to see like a photographer. Once you know a few of the secrets of the trade—like how to tell the exceptional images from the rest, you’ll be better positioned to help your clients. Once you learn how, you will be able to go through their family pictures and quickly identify the best shots—and help them tell better family stories in digital albums or printed books.

Experience Level: Just Starting Out / Solopreneurs / Experienced Entrepreneurs / International Members / Partnerships & Growth

Conference Track: Core Competencies / Client & Project Management

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