Peter Bennett

Born and raised in New York City, Peter picked up his first camera at the age of twelve. Influenced by his grandfather, who owned a photo studio on the boardwalk in Brooklyn, and his father a cinematographer and film editor, Peter pursued a career as a magazine and travel photographer before opening up his own photo agency in 1998.

It was there that he learned how to manage and maintain a large library of digital images. But while his professional image files were in perfect order, Peter realized his own personal and family photos were a complete mess, and if it was happening to him, it was probably happening to others as well.

So in 2016 Peter decided to start Fotoflow Solutions, to take his years of experience and knowledge of photo organizing to people who really needed it. He wanted to help people organize their personal and family photos, and help them preserve their family archives and visual history.

Peter has been an instructor at the Los Angeles Center of Photography for over twelve years, and this more than anything has taught him the importance of communicating complicated things in a simple and easy to understand way.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


Focus on what you do know to gain the confidence to achieve your goals.

New, and even experienced photo managers can get distracted and overwhelmed by all there is to learn about a photo organizing business. But it’s important to define yourself by what you do know. What are you good at? What are your goals? Where could you still use improvement? Come away with clarity and confidence as you refocus on your skill sets, goals, and new learning opportunities to achieve your objectives.

Experience Level: Just Starting Out / Solopreneurs / Experienced Entrepreneurs / International Members / Partnerships & Growth

Conference Track: Personal Growth

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