Shelley Murray

Shelley remembers the warm hum of her grandfather’s slide projector, the shenanigans as her dad took forever setting up the tripod for family photos, and her excitement of opening the photo lab envelope. Ever since she was 12, she’s had a camera by her side and the passion for photos continues. Now as a Certified Photo Manager and Certified Senior Executive FOREVER Ambassador, she helps clients rescue their photos and videos from dusty boxes and old devices, saving them and sharing with family and friends. She loves to watch them go from overwhelmed to organized once they begin working together.

Grow Your Photo Organizing Business with FOREVER

Date / Time / Place: Wednesday, February 23rd at 12:00pm – 4:00pm EST | VIRTUAL

Description: Shelley Murray has built a profitable and thriving Photo Organizing business using the small business tools provided by the company, FOREVER. In this deep-dive workshop, you will learn about FOREVER and its ambassador program, including earning commission on product sales, a supportive community, and training.

Session Outcomes: Shelley will review her workflows and processes, which quickly led her to profitability. You’ll learn her client on-boarding system, which includes FOREVER’s premium platform that provides her with tools to track her client’s progress with a built-in CRM. She will review ways to empower and inspire your clients through tech training to grow your passive and residual income and how she outsources her scanning and media conversion. By using these services, Shelley has freed up her time to work on income-generating tasks she enjoys.

Experience Level: Solopreneurs / Experienced Entrepreneurs / International Members / Partnerships & Growth

Conference Track: Business Management / Client & Project Management / Marketing & Sales

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