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The leading educational resource for professional photo managers as well as people who want to organize and manage their own collections.

UPDATE 5/10/21: The Photo Managers Academy has been updated to a new platform! Click here for FAQ.

Do-It-Yourself Courses

Our video-based courses are self-paced, easy to follow, and professionally produced.
No matter what your level or specific field of interest, we have the perfect course for you.

Photo Organization Made Easy Bundle

Save $25! Purchase DIY Digital Photo Organzing Workshop and Printed Photo Organizing Made Easy together.

With Cathi Nelson & Jordan Babeon

Printed Photo Organizing Made Easy

A Guide to Managing Your Printed Photos & Memorabilia

Presented by Cathi Nelson

DIY Digital Photo Organizing Workshop

Become an effective manager of your family’s most precious possessions – your photos and videos!

Presented by Jordan Babeon

DPO Pro: The Ultimate Photo Organizing Masterclass

Confidently consolidate & organize your digital photo collection in 90 days or less!

Presented by Caroline Guntur

Advanced Courses

Professional Certification

This course is only available to
Professional Photo Manager Members.

Photo Books Made Profitable

Develop an efficient workflow for creating photo books (at a profit) using Pixellu SmartAlbums and Adobe InDesign.

Payment plan available. 
Spring of Learning 2021

2021 Conference Recordings

Access the 17 Breakout Classes, 5 General Sessions, and 4 in-depth Learning Labs from the 2021 Annual Conference – Spring of Learning!

Building Blocks of Digital Photo Organizing

Building blocks of digital photo organizing

The fundamentals of organizing a digital photo collection. From what is a pixel, to creating and efficient pro workflow.

Presented by Peter Bennett

Ultimate Guide to Apple Photos

The Ultimate Guide to Apple Photos

A professional’s guide to serving and supporting clients who use Apple Photos every day.

Presented by Paul Einarsen

Payment plan available.