The Photo Managers Virtual Summit 2020

Empowering, Innovative, Dynamic Learning

The Photo Managers conference is an empowering, innovative, and dynamic educational experience. Due to the coronavirus, we pivoted and created an online experience. For the first time, you have access to all the recordings, to view from the comfort of your own home. These classes are perfect for anyone seeking to learn and grow in the growing field of photo management.

Not Sure Which Bundle
is Right for You?

If you aren’t ready to choose the Full Access Bundle which includes all the classes and need help choosing, we have curated the classes into two learning tracks to help you make the best choice;
The Art & Science of Photo Management and Business Foundations.

The Art & Science of Photo Management

These 7 classes focus on the actual work of photo management. Taught by subject matter experts you can learn everything from how to target high-end clients to what it takes to offer remote digital photo organizing. Click on each class for a full description and reviews.

How to Reach and Market Your Business to High-End Clientele

SPEAKER: Peter Bennett

High-end clientele can be the most lucrative source of income for a business, but they can also be the most elusive to reach. Direct marketing to high-end neighborhoods and their wealthy residents can be very difficult and extremely costly. This workshop will focus on identifying potential clients and the service industries that already have relationships with them.


“Loved, loved, loved Peter’s presentation. Lots of great information and over the top thrilled he shared his handouts with us”

“Peter gives excellent and concrete examples and ideas for how to reach the high end client. The presentation was simple enough to be able to implement the ideas but yet chock full of tips, suggestions and handouts to make things happen. Excellent presentation!”

Design and Delight: Understanding Design Principles to Create Beautiful Photo Books

SPEAKER: Carole Otypka

Rhythm. Proximity. repetition. scale. In this session, you’ll learn how to think about and understand basic design principles to help you create a photo book that is cohesive and engaging. Learn how to prepare in advance with templates, typefaces, and colors so you’re ready to take on any photo book project. understand the importance of white space, margins and grids to simplify your workflow and create books with ease. Recognize the relationship between text and image, and how to create places in your books that include text: captions, stories, quotes, and details. Delight is in the details!


“I thought this class was really thought out and well done. I have been making photo albums for years so I felt like I could really look at it from a different view than a beginner photo bookmaker. I enjoyed her information about color palettes and it was very well organized and easy to follow. Great class!”

“This was very informative to me since I have never had design training. I love making photo books, but haven’t made any for clients yet. This gave me some basics that I will definitely be referring to as I look into that part of my business. Her presentation was at the perfect level for me, with great examples and explanations.”

How to Turn Blank Walls Into Money

SPEAKER: Darla DeMorrow

Printed photos. Digital photos. What about framed photos, original artwork, and other client treasures? Putting their collection on the wall can be approached like any other photo organizing project, with client requirements, collaboration, supplies, time management, and billing involved.


“Love Darla! I am now truly inspired to change my blank walls and I have Darla to thank for that. I believe that this is a service that I may want to add to my business.”

“I have attended Darla’s presentations before, so knew this would be good. She doesn’t disappoint. Well prepared, thoughtful, interesting, thorough. Excited to put into place her advice.”

Using Facial Recognition Software Effectively and Efficiently

SPEAKER: Meg Macintyre

When we add keywords to our clients’ photos, people’s names make up a significant portion of those keywords. Using facial recognition software is a quick and efficient way to name people in photos. Learn how to use this tool in various platforms to maximize the efficiency of your metadata workflow.


“Very good – will need to review this presentation again because it is technical and detailed.”

“Meg did a good job diving into the Facial Recognition realm. I had used it in Apple Photos, so I was somewhat familiar with it, but the information in her presentation and handouts will be very useful. I know there were a few glitches and system issues, but overall, it was still an extremely valuable session.”

Digital Gathering Best Practices

SPEAKER: Adam Pratt

Learn the best workflow for gathering digital assets, including photos and videos, from a client. after this session, you’ll be ready to tackle these important sessions with calmness, efficiency, and confidence.


“Adam is a total pro. Excellent, concrete information. I’ll listen to the recording of this one more than once — there was a lot of “meat” to the presentation. Very helpful, appealing presentation style.”

“Useful, actionable information to help us become more efficient. Outstanding.”

Going Remote: Organize Photos Without Leaving Your Home

SPEAKER: Casey von Stein

– Learn how to setup and offer remote digital organizing services.
– Learn how to create an efficient workflow that can be replicated with clients of all platforms and setups.
– Learn how to attract new clients outside of your local market.


“Presenter was excellent, and her content very clear and compelling.”

“She did a fantastic job presenting, yhe content & flow was very well constructed so it was easy to follow & learn from. She did a great job answering questions & explaining her workflow–and many of the why’s behind her workflow & choices.”

“This was very informative class. I learned so much. I am amazed how much can be done remotely.

Exploring Network Attached Storage (NAS) to Improve Workflow

SPEAKERS: Dan & Kathy Baldridge

Flash drives! Hard drives! Floppy disks! SD cards! Cloud storage! Storage devices are everywhere, making it difficult to find the files you need when you need them. How can an organizer do their job effectively? The answer is Network Attached Storage (NAS). We will demystify what a NAS can do and how it can help organize your workflow.


“I’ve known about NAS but wasn’t clear how I could use it in my business. They were thorough and clear in their explanations. Very personable and helpful. They got me thinking a NAS could be a great addition to my backup arsenal.”

“Great dual presentation! I will be re-watching this class because I am “techy” to a degree and want to better understand when this technology may be appropriate. Lots of great info!”

Business Foundations

As a business owner you not only have to develop the skills to perform the work of photo management but you’ll also need to learn about how to be profitable, avoid common business mistakes, and how to price your services. We have 6 classes taught by member and guest experts for you to choose from. Click on each class for a full description and reviews.

Planning Your Profits

SPEAKER: Caroline Guntur

In this session, you will learn how to plan your profits, set your goals, and create a roadmap for how to achieve them, even if you’re not a “numbers” person. We will cover how to plan out your year so that you’re focused on spending time where it matters instead of just doing busywork. We will focus on the profitability of your business and you will come away with an understanding of how looking at your financials can drive your business decisions, so that you can confidently grow and scale. Bring your P&L sheets! This session is ideal for beginning entrepreneurs.


“I can’t say enough about the content & presentation. She has obviously done the work in her business and I love that she was willing to share so much.”

“Can you ever go wrong with a presentation by Caroline Gunter. She is specific and one of the strongest business women I know. She did an incredible job laying out the rhyme and reason of looking at your numbers. She gave incredibly specific examples to illustrate her points. I know sharing her “numbers” took a lot of courage but really helped us to understand and learn. She is fantastic!”

Working with Nonprofits as a Professional Photo Organizer

SPEAKER: Amy Brooks Hoffmann

Whether you target nonprofits as clients, or do pro bono work as part of your business model, working with these organizations can be fulfilling. A panel of “seasoned” Professional Photo Organizers with a variety of markets and business styles from throughout the U.S. will discuss the benefits and challenges of working with nonprofit organizations.


“Appreciate Amy’s honesty and transparency with her experiences with non-profits. Very helpful for when I am approached or decide to approach an organization.”

“She outlined the pros and cons wonderfully! Clear communicator!”

Selling Next-Generation Memories: Join the Digital Revolution to Move Past 1-1 Sales and Build a Six-Figure Business

SPEAKER: Jordan Babeon

Selling digital organizing services can be challenging when dealing with non-techie clients. You also want to be sure you are selling what you deliver and delivering what you sell. This session will help you define your target market and give you the language to introduce digital organizing to prospects. Learn how to simplify your billing with standardized offerings, set expectations with fixed-fee pricing, and build recurring revenue with maintenance contracts.


“Jordan shared some helpful info about branding and got me thinking about my close rates and it was good to learn more about fixed fee pricing. I would have liked if Jordan had gotten to the meaty part of the presentation a little more quickly; fast forward in the beginning.”

“I liked that Jordan spent some time ‘forcing’ us to go over our elevator pitch and the importance of digging deeper/longer for printed material. I do not have a marketing or sales background, so I found this class foundational.”

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners

SPEAKER: Belinda Wasser

All small businesses need to grow, especially those just starting out. Unfortunately, too many business owners focus on the wrong things, ignoring what really matters and wasting precious time and money in the process.


“Lots of nuggets of useful information, even for an experienced business owner. I would have LOVED this class when starting out”

“This was the most helpful from a growing my business perspective. She gave info and steps I can implement immediately with minimal effort. I could actually see my business growing by the end of her presentation.”

Lost in Space: Claiming a Spot for Home Movies in the Digital Space

SPEAKER: Rhonda Vigeant

Clients are no longer satisfied with watching their home movie archives in a lower resolution when they are purchasing 4K TVs for their homes. The question then becomes how to store, share, and back up their large files. We will explore the implications for the scanning workflow we choose that must be understood by both the client and the organizer.


“Wow! For the first time in my life I finally understand film and all the terminology. All the concepts were so well explained. Thank you”

“Rhonda always gives incredible detail and tips. The explanations really helped when confronted with a client that needs to transfer film. Very informative.”

From Newbie to Guru in Three Years

SPEAKER: Lida Bunting

Business success does not come overnight. As a new entrepreneur, there may be feelings of anxiety, fear, and doubt as well as a desire for everything to happen right away. Started your business but feeling overwhelmed? This presentation will talk through some of the pain points we feel starting off in our business and ways to maneuver through the various sources of information at our fingertips. You’ll leave with actionable steps for creating positive growth and seeing a change in your business.


“Another hit it out of the ballpark presentation. Lots of great information. There really is something about someone being honest and just telling their story and struggles that just want you to learn from them. Great job.”

“I loved this. Along with Caroline’s talk on planning profits, I think this is MUST see information for a newbie. I could totally relate to every point she discussed. I thought her talk was planned out, easy to follow, completely relatable and she wasn’t afraid to laugh at her own mistakes to make others see their own.”

In-Depth Learning Labs

If you are interested in mastering a subject, read the learning objectives and reviews and choose the class that best fits your needs.

Metadata Demystified

with Adam Pratt

Learn the fundamentals of metadata from the photo organizing perspective. This interactive workshop will be technically accurate but not overwhelming. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of the technical concepts and a practical strategy for implementing metadata in your client projects. Become confident that you’re using industry standards that ensure your photos are organized for today, tomorrow, and generations to come.

Other Participants Are Saying…

“Excellent information provided. Very thorough. Adam is a fabulous instructor.”

“Very information presentation – very clear, easy to follow. Solidified concepts for me.”

“Outstanding! Very informative, well-presented and useful. Adam knows how to present in a way that covers the material in detail, yet he starts simple and then does the deep dive.”

HR Boot Camp: Get Your Photo Business Into Shape!

with Jill Yesko

As business owners, we not only have to be terrific at photo organizing but also excellent at managing projects and proficient at running an actual company. When our growth demands more hands and time than we have, hiring is the natural next step. This can be daunting if you are unsure of where to start, which employment laws affect you, and how to even choose the right team members for your growing photo organizing business.

Other Participants Are Saying…

“LOVE Jill! Her presentation was extremely thorough and just what I needed as I transition my business. Jill never disappoints! Thanks for all of the great information.”

“Absolutely phenomenal experience! So much information!”

“While I haven’t even officially started my business, I attended this session so that I’d know the info if/when I am ready to hire additional help. Jill’s presentation was fabulous! Loved the interactivity as well as the great handouts and resources. I really enjoyed the session and learned a great deal!”

Museum-Quality Storage for Photos and Memorabilia

with Susannah Brown & Kate Jacus

Photo organizing clients already understand the importance of saving family history, and along with photos, most people are also saving other documents and artifacts for future generations to enjoy. These preservation goals require specialized products and procedures. In this hands-on workshop, we will share professional techniques for museum-quality storage solutions for your clients’ photographs and memorabilia–skills that you can translate into additional revenue. Learn how to take professional-quality photographs of your client’s objects before storing them, and experiment with different configurations of Archival Methods’ Create-a-Kits.

Other Participants Are Saying…

“Great overview of a brief history, images/video types and best practices. I enjoyed the “show and tell” of the products available for various items. It really helped get a sense of how to use them.”

“Great information and presented well. Kate is so animated and enthusiastic.”

“Outstanding presentation – wonderful job adapting to virtual summit from what was supposed to be a hands on learning lab.”


All five keynote presentations are included with your purchase.

5 Lessons in 5 Weeks

Cathi Nelson, author of Photo Organizing Made Easy, is the founder of The Photo Managers, the leading educational community dedicated to helping thousands of entrepreneurs from around the globe build successful photo management and organizing businesses.

Tapping into the Hidden Potential of B2B Clients

Jenn Lee is VP of Sales and Marketing at Travel Planners International. With over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing, business strategy, planning, and training, Jenn is simply obsessed with nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit.

From Trash to Treasure

Matt Paxton is one of the top downsizing and decluttering experts in the country and host of the new show Legacy List with Matt Paxton currently airing on PBS. Matt was formerly the long time featured extreme cleaner on the hit show HOARDERS. Paxton started cleaning houses after his father, step-father and both grandfathers died in the same year. Matt used those losses as inspiration and has been working with families struggling with hoarding and downsizing for almost 20 years. Matt appears regularly as a public speaker, television guest and radio personality helping families find the upside of downsizing.

Self-Care: When There’s No Time for You!

Debbie Phillips is the inspiring founder of Women on Fire® and a pioneer in the field of executive and life coaching. She is also an author, speaker and producer known for her work in transforming women’s lives. Her gift is her ability to see and nurture the strengths, gifts and talents of the women she works with.

AR – VR – AI – How Does Visual Innovation Affect You?

Jim Malcolm is a highly respected industry expert and thought leader who has delivered educational initiatives to over 5,000 industry professionals. He has been a keynote speaker at the Consumer Electronics Show, National Association of Broadcasters, Women in Technology Summit, New York Virtual Reality Expo, VRLA, PhotoPlus, AdTech, EventTech, and numerous other events.

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