Unlock Business Efficiency with Operations Manuals

Operations Manuals for Professional Photo Organizers

You started your photo management business to do the work you love: Helping families and businesses manage their photo and video collections so they can be shared and enjoyed.

Have you gotten overwhelmed with the “business side” of your business?
Do you need help creating service agreements for your clients?
Do you have an intake form to inventory your client’s items?
Are you ready to subcontract but need a contract?
Have you wanted to create a Business Operations Manual but haven’t had the time?
Are your workflows documented so that anyone that helps you can work independently?
Have you wished you could just copy and paste information that someone else has already completed to save yourself time and money?

If you said “Yes!”, these bundles are for you!

The Photo Managers is excited to offer three bundles, so you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” and can ensure your business operates smoothly.

3 Bundles to Meet Your Current Needs

Work Essentials


Step-by-step workflows for printed photo organizing, digital photo organizing, photo album design, photo editing and restoration, and archival storage. Equipment lists included.

Business Backend


Deliver profitable results consistently with customer workflows, agreements, billing procedures, project plans, communication protocols, insurance requirements, and more!

Team Development


Everything you need to hire, train and develop employees, from job descriptions, interview basics and hiring workflows (complete with checklists), and more!

Complete Photo Managers Operations Bundle

$1,599 (SAVE $200!)

This bundle covers it all: technical workflows, business operations, and working with contractors or employees to grow your business.

What Photo Organizers Are Saying...

“We have used the prepackaged operations forms to jump start our photo management business. With just a bit of customization to the forms, we were able to immediately interact with clients with professionalism and structure. The package gave us the confidence that our business was starting off on solid footing, and we could concentrate on our clients’ needs, rather than creating paperwork.”

Allison Pihl
Photographic Memories

“When I saw these bundles, I didn’t hesitate! I know The Photo Managers team have experience and have worked these processes backward and forwards. The manual has proven a huge value to organizing my services and helps me focus on profits.”

Tricia Masters-Cain
Atlanta Photo Organizers

“It was extremely easy to incorporate my branding, prices and other information. The forms have made communicating with my client much easier and the workflows and procedures have improved my processes.”

Lisa Tanis
Beechwood Photo Organizing