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We live in an increasing, complex technical world, yet we have not changed our need to tell a story. Through stories, we connect, and one of the ways we tell our stories is through our photos. With the introduction of digital cameras and mobile phones, people take pictures at a record pace and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other photo-sharing sites.

Yet, people don’t have time to sort through and organize the thousands upon thousands of photos they accumulate, let alone print them. The result is a consumer who is overwhelmed and paralyzed. In addition to digital photos, hundreds of thousands of printed photos languish in shoeboxes and bins. Thus, the need for a solution has emerged and accredited Professional Photo Organizers provide solutions.

With over 700 members, The Photo Managers offer personal one-on-one assistance, helping consumers reconnect with their photos and videos again. In late 2021 we surveyed our members asking them to rate the top benefits of membership and over 80% listed access to partners in the top three!

We’d love to partner with you if you offer products or services that will assist The Photo Managers and the thousand of clients they serve. Partner participation offers your company extraordinary opportunities to connect with professional photo managers and build your business throughout the year.


  • Company introduction in our member-wide newsletter.
  • Company description, photos, and offers in our Partner Guide.
  • Discounted exhibitor participation at our Annual Conference (10%).
  • Save Your Photos Month sponsorship discount (10%).
  • Guest blog posts and sponsored social media recognition.
  • Opportunity to offer unique discounts & affiliate listings to members.
  • If B to C company, one mention in weekly email called “Cathi’s Pics” that goes to our list of over 15,000 with an option to provide a special offer.

Additional Opportunities: We have helped our key partners design a more robust sponsorship that includes focus groups, product testing and more. Please contact Cathi Nelson at to learn more.

For more information and to discuss becoming a partner, contact Cathi Nelson:

What Our Premium Partners Are Saying

“Archival Methods has been a Preferred Partner with The Photo Managers for more than five years. We consistently get orders from members and have incorporated member input into product design. The opportunities we’ve had for making in-person connections with photo managers is what sets this program apart.”

-Angela Copie, President

“The Photo Managers represent the best, brightest and most motivated independent entrepreneurs who care deeply about the preservation, organization and sharing of our most precious memories. Our partnership, now in its third year, is a perfect match, creating opportunities for joint business growth and the preservation of our clients’ most treasured moments and memories.”

-Ryan Ducie, Head of Marketing

Sony Electronics is pleased to be a part of The Photo Managers community, we know the value of preserving memories and history through imaging.”

-Samantha K. Corn, Sr.Business Development Manager and Education | Digital Imaging Division