The Photo Managers Advisory Board

The Advisory Board’s Mission, Vision, and Purpose

The need for professional photo management is growing rapidly, with an excellent future outlook. According to Rise Above Research, the global number of captured photos is estimated to reach 1.6 trillion in 2023.

Over the past 13 years, The Photo Managers organization has experienced remarkable growth and adaptability, establishing itself as the industry leader and advocate for hiring professionals in this field.

Looking ahead, our goal is to maintain our position as the industry leader and thrive in the future. Recognizing the importance of high-quality advice for success, we have formed The Photo Managers Advisory Board. This board’s mission is to review and shape our initiatives, provide fresh perspectives, prioritize effectively, and address significant issues to ensure our future success.

Meet Our Current Board Members

Rachel Arbuckle

Owner of 2000 Paces

Joining The Photo Managers (TPM) Advisory Board is a tremendous opportunity as a photo organizing company owner. TPM played a crucial role in developing my business, and I’m eager to contribute my experience. I envision establishing global standards for consistent, high-quality services, elevating the industry through meticulous training and integrity. Together, we’ll lay the blueprints for a reputable industry that serves individuals and families worldwide.

My vision for The Photo Managers is to keep our organization at the forefront of the Photo Organizing industry by maintaining a high quality/rigorous certification process while supporting and encouraging new and existing photo organizing business’.

The Photo Managers association is the one true home for those wanting to build their capabilities in all areas of the industry, as well as to form lasting collegial bonds with one another. My vision is to strengthen the roots that Cathi Nelson has laid underneath our “family tree” by cultivating the members with additional resources by including even more educational opportunities and dynamic vendors that truly complement what we do every day.


I believe that the business of photo management is at a tipping point. Having been built on the knowledge base of two other businesses – home organizing and professional photography services – photo management has become a discipline of its own, driven by the explosive growth of consumer photography and image use in new and exciting ways. The Photo Managers is positioned to be an influencer and industry leader in the coming years through our unique understanding of customer behavior in an expanding business niche.

Allison W. Freedman

Owner of Arrange Wander Focus

I believe our industry is at a crossroads, and now is the time to establish The Photo Managers as THE leader in the industry. We can do this by understanding that different clients have different needs, but that we can serve them all if we have a strong educational base available to our members. We must provide our members invaluable education, a strong certification process, and a community that supports open communication and learning with and between all of us.


In consideration of the role photos play in our shared experiences, I am honored to serve as an Advisory Board Member to promote this growing industry on a global scale. As Photo Managers, we have the power to preserve the stories of individuals and communities in all countries around the world, and I can think of no better cause to support.

Precious memories continue to fade away, get lost, damaged, and won’t be enjoyed by future generations. Educating the Photo Managers members to be well versed on how to preserve, share, protect others precious photos, videos, movies of the past and today and how to make it easy for them to handle growing number of images and videos being created every day. Well-executed training programs are the key for a successful TPM member. Without successful TPM members, TPM won’t be successful.



Joseph Horner

Owner of Nembur

I hope to help guide The Photo Managers to be the leading international authority on managing family memories and enable its members to build sustainable companies. We can achieve that vision through maximizing partnerships with technology vendors and focusing growth resources on key international markets.

The Photo Managers is an established global organisation striving for excellence in standards and practices for this new industry and all who work in it. I am delighted to contribute to the ongoing global expansion of our membership and to bring awareness to the fact that everyone needs a Photo Manager in their lives.


Kimberly Melton

Owner of Visual Story Media

Advisory Board Chair

I want to help lead TPM into the future by creating strategic goals and laying a road map to achieve them. One of the goals is a campaign to let the world know that the TPM organization and photo organizer exists. I also want to create a path for more diversity and younger individuals to join our organization. I am very excited about working with everyone to achieve our goals.

As a member of the Photo Manager’s Advisory Board, I aim to leverage my unique Canadian perspective to spearhead innovative approaches and strategies in the field of photo management. My passion for creating specialized business niches will help drive the board’s mission of advancing the photo management industry.


My vision is to establish The Photo Managers as the world’s preeminent authority on Photo Organization and Photo Management by building a community that is knowledgeable, elevated, and accessible.

My vision for the future of The Photo Managers is to ensure our organization is recognized as the industry leader in training and standards. To that end, all TPM education will be professionally prepared and presented while consistently and accurately adhering to TPM’s developed photo management standards.