Certification Course

The Photo Managers certification course increases your knowledge and understanding of photo management practices and running a photo management business. It’s the only way to earn a place in the public directory of Professional Photo Managers and you’ll receive a badge to display proudly on your website.


In order to receive your certification, after purchasing the certification course, you must:

  • Be a member of The Photo Managers in good standing
  • Complete 5 self-study modules
  • Score 95 or higher on each review quiz
  • Provide client reference and client project documentation
  • Participate in an informational interview


  • Purchase certification when you join The Photo Managers and save 50% on the course ($112.50 savings)
  • Confidence and competency in photo management skills
  • A listing in the public Certified Photo Manager directory (as long as your membership status is maintained)
  • An official certification badge to display on digital or printed marketing materials

Course Overview

Certification includes five modules that are overviews of The Photo Managers Best Practices and Industry Standards
rather than technical “how-to” courses.

Intro to
Photo Management


Physical Photos
& Memorabilia

Photo Organizing

and Sharing


Save 50% on the certification course when you join ($112.50 savings).