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Would you like to share your expertise with the photo management community and get noticed by potential clients? We invite you to contribute an article to The Photo Managers blog!

We encourage you to use your own voice and impart your own personality into your posts. With that in mind, each post must also meet certain guidelines. Please use the templates provided below to make sure your article will be a perfect fit for our online community.

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Here are the kind of posts we are currently looking for:
  • Case Studies – Share a project you worked on and how you solved a problem for your client.
  • How To – Provide a strategic approach to addressing a specific problem or need relating to photo management.
  • What Is – Provide a quick answer to a question readers might be asking.
  • Lists – List off examples, resources, or tips pertaining to photo management.
Each article must accomplish at least one of the following:
  • Promote awareness of the profession of Photo Management.

  • Provide information to professional Photo Managers about new technology or methods.

  • Promote the benefits of an organized Photo Collection.

  • Educate the public on the importance of preserving photos.

  • Offer tips for the public on how to care for their own photo collection.

How to Write a Great Blog Post

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you write your article:
  • Identify your audience. Is your blog intended for Pro Photo Managers or DIYers?
  • Write in a style that is natural to you. Be professional, but not too formal.
  • Begin with a clean, concise idea. Many writers like to start by crafting a specific working title. This will help you keep your writing on track.
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  • Once you have chosen your title and specific topic, make sure everything you write relates back to it. Beware of digressing into long personal stories.
  • Include relevant images. Images should be included only if they enhance the message by clearly illustrating the main point.
  • Include actionable steps. We want our readers to walk away with something valuable they can use in their own business or personal organizing efforts. Make sure you are clear about the application of what you are writing about.
  • If you are drawing from others’ ideas, be sure to cite them and give credit where credit is due. For help on how to properly cite sources, click here.
  • Take time to edit. Make sure you take the time to carefully look over your piece. Look for typos and make sure it is logical and easy to read.


All blog article submissions must follow the format of the templates provided below. Please download the appropriate template and use it as a basis for the article you are writing.

*Blog templates adapted from HubSpot.

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