Cathi Nelson’s Career Advice from a Pro series provides a unique window into the diverse journeys of industry leaders. Cathi sat down with Kristin and Madisyn Goodman who are running a photo-managing family business. The Goodmans are at the forefront of preserving family legacies and were happy to share their advice.

In addition to the unique aspect of being a multi-generational family business, the Goodmans boast another interesting achievement. Madisyn is the youngest certified photo organizer at just 19 years old! Together, they form a dynamic mother-daughter team based in Naples, Florida. The Goodmans specialize in assisting clients in navigating the digital age while preserving the essence of their family stories.


Kristin’s journey into the world of photo organization was ignited by her grandmother. She instilled in Kristin the significance of preserving family heritage which made a lasting impression. Madisyn, having grown up immersed in her family’s business, has been lending her expertise since childhood. With a background in multimedia and a natural affinity for technology, she seamlessly integrated her skills into the family enterprise, bringing a fresh perspective and youthful energy.


Their collaboration transcends business, as they find fulfillment in forging personal connections with clients. Kristin recalls the story of a terminally ill client whose legacy she helped immortalize through a meticulously crafted photo album, underscoring the profound impact their work can have on people’s lives.


Looking ahead, Kristin and Madisyn remain committed to preserving family legacies. Their advice to aspiring photo organizers is to embrace continuous learning and cherish the relationships cultivated along the way. As they sift through millions of digital files for their clients, their passion for storytelling remains unwavering and continues to grow as they build their family legacy.


To learn more about Kristin and Madisyn Goodman’s family business as Photo Managers, watch the full video on YouTube.