Photo Managers in every generation are changing the photo-organizing industry! In a recent Cathi’s Pics Live, we met photo managers from each generation. Last but not least, we chatted with our Gen Z representative, Madisyn Goodman. 

Gen Z is the most diverse generation yet, born between 1997 and 2012. They’ve never known a world without the internet and smartphones. And amidst their digital nativeness lies a profound appreciation for authenticity and storytelling. One shining example of this is Madisyn, the youngest certified professional photo manager.



Raised in a household where scrapbooking was more than just a hobby, Madisyn was captivated by the stories behind pictures. It was this early exposure that ignited her passion for preserving memories.


Despite stereotypes suggesting otherwise, Madisyn represents a generation deeply invested in the art of storytelling and preserving legacies. While they may not always express it, there’s a profound curiosity among Gen Z about their roots. Madisyn’s experience echoes this sentiment, as many of her peers have shown interest in understanding their family history through photos.


Madisyn’s expertise doesn’t stop at sentimentality; it extends into the realm of digital literacy. In a world where hurricanes can destroy physical archives in an instant, Madisyn’s knowledge of digital organizing and restoration becomes invaluable. Through her family business, she empowers individuals, especially retirees, to embrace digital solutions for preserving memories, ensuring that precious moments are not lost to the ravages of time or natural disasters.


Central to Madisyn’s approach is her mastery of digital tools, particularly the Adobe suite, which she skillfully employs to restore and enhance photos. Her proficiency not only preserves memories but also bridges the technological gap, allowing older generations to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.



To watch Cathi’s full conversation with Madisyn and other guests, from Zoomers to Boomers, watch the full video on YouTube.