Choosing the right way to organize, manage, and preserve your photos can be overwhelming! Let’s hear from professional photo managers for their top 10 list of essential tools and services. 


The fast-paced world of digital photography is combined today with the boxes of family history in printed photos and albums. It’s no wonder that managing and organizing your vast collection of images can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there’s a vibrant community of professionals dedicated to making this process easier and more enjoyable. Recently, a group of ten seasoned photo managers gathered on YouTube for a special event. Their mission? To share their top picks for essential tools and services in the field.


Cathi Nelson, CEO and Founder of The Photo Managers kicked off the event by expressing her gratitude for the innovative companies that continuously strive to enhance photo management solutions. What began as intimidation towards these industry giants transformed into admiration and appreciation as she got to know the passionate individuals behind the scenes.


For this episode of Cathi’s Pics Live, Cathi invited seasoned Photo Managers to each share one of their favorite tools and services. To get a PDF of this essential Top 10 List, enter your name and email below:

Hear from our experts why each of these tools and services is essential for you! Watch the full video on YouTube.