In our recent Zoomers to Boomers episode of Cathi’s Pics, we met photo managers from every generation to discuss what it’s like to start a business as a photo manager at every ageMillennial photo manager Ana Pratas embodies tech-savvy, socially conscious, and ambitious values. Yet, what sets her apart is her deep appreciation for the tangible.

In this segment, we hear from Ana Pratas. As a millennial photographer with a passion for preserving tangible memories, Ana brings a unique perspective to the art of photo organizing. Growing up with technology, she still cherishes physical photographs of her childhood.



Now a mother of two, Ana understands the challenge of navigating the digital landscape while preserving family memories. This understanding led her to provide families with meaningful legacies through her services.


In her conversation with Cathi, Ana reflects on photo preservation’s evolving nature. While she values digital photos, she stresses ensuring their safety and accessibility. As a millennial photo manager, Ana understands the importance of preserving memories in various forms to meet diverse client needs.


Ana’s dedication extends beyond business; it’s a labor of love. Through her work, she helps families create tangible keepsakes transcending digital distractions. Ana realizes these tangible mementos uniquely connect generations and tell stories.


Ana’s story isn’t just about preserving photographs; it’s about preserving moments, emotions, and connections. As a millennial photo manager, she leads a movement to reclaim tangible memories’ importance amidst digital overload. Through her work, Ana emphasizes the constant value of memories amidst technological change.



To watch Cathi’s full conversation with Ana and other guests, from Zoomers to Boomers, watch the full video on YouTube.