Are you a Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millenial, or Gen Z with an entrepreneurial spirit? In all generations, photo-lovers are becoming professional Photo Managers! In this episode of Cathi’s Pics Live, Cathi interviewed Zoomers to Boomers: Photo Managers from Four Generations.

Cathi’s next guest in this multi-generational YouTube Live discussion is Teresa Townsend, owner of Tapestry Life Studios. Teresa is a seasoned photo manager whose journey is as inspiring as the stories she helps preserve.


Baby Boomer Photo Managers 


Teresa’s journey into photo management runs deeper than a mere professional interest. It’s interwoven with personal experiences that have shaped her understanding of the profound impact of memories. As the youngest in her family and with a background in mental health and therapeutic horseback riding instruction, Teresa developed not only keen listening skills but also a profound empathy for the human experience.


Throughout her own life journey, Teresa personally experienced the healing power of stories and photographs. Family tragedy, followed by caregiving for a parent with memory loss, illuminated the potential of preserving memories. This led Teresa to create a book commemorating her son’s life. The book became a testament to the power of storytelling in navigating grief and finding comfort in cherished memories.


Teresa recalls one client who embarked on a journey to preserve her late husband’s legacy for their grandchildren. Through a meticulous process of storytelling and photo curation, Teresa helped unearth forgotten memories, transforming a simple book project into a celebration of a life well-lived. The ripple effect of this endeavor extended far beyond the immediate family. It touched many other friends and acquaintances who sought to reconnect with their own memories of the departed loved one.


Teresa’s work is not merely about organizing photographs. It’s about bridging the gap between past and present, between loss and healing. So take the time to tell your story, as Teresa says, “even if you don’t think your story is that meaningful.” Through her empathetic guidance, clients discover the profound significance of their own narratives, finding solace, connection, and purpose in the memories they hold dear. Teresa’s story reminds all of us of the importance of pausing, reflecting, and cherishing the memories that shape who we are.


To watch Cathi’s full conversation with Teresa and other guests, from zoomers to boomers, watch the full video on YouTube.